Superaa oru Family Dinner

Family Dinner at junior kuppanna

Flavors that Savor your Family; Spice up your next Family Dinner Date 

Fancy dinner dates with your crush or swigging midnight munchies with your roommates can always be fun. Not to forget, nothing beats the family dinner outing, it is a stuff of mixed emotions.

Families that dine together, stay together. A dinner outing with family is always special and memorable. Yet, let’s keep it real and discuss the pre-dinner chaos too. Getting everyone ready to leave the house will feel like a task. There is always one family member who can't find their shoes or another who will never get done with their dress-up game until the cab arrives.

And then comes the next challenge. There can be chaos when selecting a restaurant. Everyone has their own preferences. Worry not as Junior Kuppanna is here to save your day. We are all set to offer you an unforgettable experience of a dinner date that exceeds all your expectations.

Family dinners in most cases are a hilarious combination of a food critic, mostly the man of the house who scrutinizes even the seasoning, a mom who is bothered about the bill amount, an aunt who brings the juiciest gossip to the table, a sibling who always fights over the last piece of a starter, a teen who is obsessed to click pictures of every dish served, an uncle who cracks poor jokes and expects everyone to laugh and a messy kid who spills food all over the table. 

Now, let’s talk food.

Planning for supper?

Get indulged in super-raa oru family dinner @ Junior Kuppanna

When you walk in, you will be greeted by the aroma of our freshly ground spices and the warm ambiance that will make your family feel at home. You can relax and allow your senses to be transported to a familiar kitchen. 

Our menu is an all-rounder that caters to every member of your squad from the elderly, teens, and even the pickiest of kids. We take pride in being the ultimate choice for everyone’s cravings. With our delectable dishes, even your taste buds will groove to the Oscar-winning track “Naattu Naattu” (not us showing off that we are keeping up with the latest craze). 

Although Junior Kuppanna is popular for its scrumptious Seeraga Samba Biryani and the legendary Pallipalayam Chicken, we are excited to let you know that our classic dinner menu is now stealing the show across all outlets.

Biriyani fans assemble here!!

Chicken Biriyani at Junior Kuppanna

Before revealing our new launch, let us flex about our not-to-be-missed signature biryani menu too. Our chicken biryani is a dish that never fails to impress as it is a medley of flavors with tender pieces of chicken. If you are a biriyani enthusiast, you must try the other varieties too.  Because one plate is never enough.

Your taste buds won’t be disappointed while trying our signature mutton biryani and mutton chops.  Both dishes are known for their tasty tender meat soaked up in an aromatic blend of kongu spices.

Perfect Dishes that Please your Palate  

Our menu choices don’t stop with biriyani, there is more to it. 

Briyani venuma? Briyani irukku

Kebab venuma? Kebab irukku

Kebab - Junior Kuppanna


Kari dosa  venuma ? kari dosa irukku

Kari Dosa at Junior Kuppanna

Milkshake venuma? Adhuvum irukku

Junior Kuppanna’s latest lineup includes kebabs that excite your taste buds, an indulgent dessert menu that’s pure bliss and a cool beverage menu for the ecstasy.

We have got everything from Kebab to Carrot Halwa. Don’t worry if you are not sure on what to order. Our friendly staff will lead you through the menu just like a dependable GPS. They will guide you through the sea of starters, rice and tiffin varieties, curries, and after-meal beverages. They can help you to locate the right choice of dish whether you’re craving something light & creamy or spicy. 

At Junior Kuppanna, prepare yourself for an amazing family dining experience that’s going to be a ride of joy.

To describe our new addition of kebab varieties, imagine this. Succulent pieces of mutton or chicken marinated to perfection and grilled to a juicy and crispy finish. And the real magic lies in the dipping sauces. They are served hot to treat your bored taste buds. Every bite will be savored as if it were your last. Thanks to the magical blend of herbs, spices, and aromatics.

 About the desserts, hold on to your sweet tooth. You ll be hooked on tasting the oh-so-satisfying carrot halwa, Gulab jamun, scoops of flavored ice creams, and many more. Give these treats a try and your taste buds will thank you.

Would you like to raise a toast to your taste buds? 

You are welcome. Come on in and grab a glass. Try our creamy milkshakes and refreshing coolers. You’ll experience a tropical vacation in a glass and you’ll feel like giving a hug to your stuffed belly. 

We can clearly see you drooling.

Why don’t you come over and join the party?!

Trust us, you won't settle for anything less than a delightful dining experience every time you visit us. With our real crowd-pleaser menu, we’ll not let you simply forget your dining experience with us and you'll be telling about us to your near and dear. 

Inum ena da mulichutu iruka? Thoongu daw kaipulla!!  

As you finish your meal, you’ll be ready for your nap with your fulfilled tummy and heart. And, we won’t judge you if you break out into a food coma. Everything forms a part of the experience.

On the whole, a family dinner date can be both a ride of happiness and chaos. One minute you'll be sharing jokes and stories, the next you will be debating over a movie or the last piece of chicken kebab.

The next time your family calls for a dinner outing, Choose Junior Kuppanna. At Junior Kuppanna, we are not simply serving up only food but also a side of warmth and intimacy that will remind you that your family is your everything.

Trust us, you won’t settle for anything less than a delightful dining experience every time you visit us. With our real crowd-pleaser menu, we’ll not let you simply forget your dining experience with us and you'll be telling about us to your near and dear.