Legend of Pallipalayam Chicken

Pallipalayam is a quaint town stationed at the bank of the river Cauvery in Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu, it is also considered to be the twin of Erode.

The name of the place became synonymous with a chicken dish – which is believed to be have originated from here.

Pallipalayam chicken is a very popular dish across the taste known for its simple peculiar yet wonderful favor that fills your nostrils and sticks to the tongue. 

JK’s Pallipalayam chicken

Way back in the 1980s when the globe was grappled in Cold war the country was going through a tumultuous period – unaware of all this, there was an even bigger issue a close friend of the founder of Junior Kuppanna (JK) would frequent his home to chill for a drink and would often complain that the chicken side dish he gets was too oily. The founder is also an avid cockfight enthusiast and after one such fight, he had a sudden gush of idea over flooding his brain. He chopped off the chicken and decided to cook it with just onions and dried chillis with almost nil water – this dry fry turned out to be a huge hit!

Later as many of the friends who tasted it encouraged that it must be shared with the world, JK decided to list it in our menu and now it has emerged out as the champion of taste and served in all the outlets of the Junior Kuppanna (JK) and one can order it online at https://kuppanna.com/ and relish the authentic Kongu dish anywhere.