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மருந்தென வேண்டாவாம் யாக்கைக்கு அருந்தியது

 அற்றது போற்றி உணின்

No need for medicine is to heal your body's pain,

If, what you ate before digested well, you eat again.


                                             ~ Thirukkural 

A brief story of the city

Chennai, the capital city of the State is known for its rich heritage and is also culturally significant in the entire country – as it was one of the initial areas from where the British colonial government started, thereby making it one of the oldest cities. So the city’s cosmopolitan nature is embedded in its people’s diversity, architectural wonders, and splendid cuisine.

The city is very closely associated with foods, and since it has its origin from a fishing hamlet the nonveg dishes have been always a special part of the people’s life here. To give an illustration here the famous Chicken 65 has been invented in this very same Singara Chennai!

Specialties of JK’s Nonveg Savors

We at Junior Kuppanna have been catering to the appetizer need of Chennai city for many decades now and we will continue to do so with the love and the long-lasting patrons (customers) is that JK’s benchmark Kongu and Nonveg dishes which are prepared with the same traditional methods and the ingredients which was started by  Mr. Kuppanna and Mrs. Rukmini Amma thus preserving the and giving a heritage to the taste. Over the period the Kuppanna restaurants’ taste earned a space in heart of people and very soon multiple outlets were opened across Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and currently in the process to spread our wings towards the global arena to enrich the lives of Tamil diaspora and take the tasteful indigenous Kongu dishes to the world audience. 

Now we’re going to reveal the big secrets of JK which makes us the best of the best non-veg spread of the city: 

  • Ingredients from our own factory: Junior Kuppanna, is one of the few hotels which have its own mills to make the spices and masala mixtures. This is to ensure the high and unique quality from the micro-level for our products.

  • Breaking the fast: JK is a top-notch favorite of any nonveg food lover in the city majorly because we’re only major restaurant which offers some of the very desi nonveg menu beginning from breakfast itself like Aatukaal Paaya, Chicken Chukka, Egg Dosai, etc which gives a great boost to run a long day. 

  • Food for all moods: Whether you’re planning for a party bash, celebrating a promotion, just to chill and relish with buddies, or just to calm your NV cravings JK has studded its menu with stellar options from authentic traditional Kongu dishes (Kongu Chicken Gravy, Nattu Kozhi Chukka, etc) to Chinese cuisine. 

  • Tender, Juicy Meat pieces: Another addictive feature of JK is our perfect selection of tender cut Mutton and Chicken meats which are super fresh and protein-filled pieces that make their way to your plate.


  • Meet the masterpiece: The Biryani is the big boss of the nonveg dishes in the City and elsewhere we have briefed about how JK’s biryanis stand tall with its Seeraga Samba rice, unique spice mix, crafting a legitimate Biryani which hits sixers in tongue and lips. And our Bucket Biryani is a go-to option for any feast. 

  •  King in cooking: JK has seasoned veterans working in our kitchen, it must be noted that we have demarcated separate utensils, vessels, and Tavas (frying pans) thus the taste is preserved. Also, the hygiene and cleanliness part is given utmost importance and all food is checked for their safety and tastiness from time to time.   


  • Pocket Friendly: Our principles from the origin itself is to serve our customers with the best traditional nonveg at a modest cost so that a large base of the people can enjoy it and over six decades and our meals menu is primarily made to fill those hungry bellies of yours.  

  • Junior Kuppanna has over 50 restaurants, so no matter where you go around the city you will always find a JK waiting to serve you in close proximity

Still wondering why Junior Kuppanna is the best spread of the town, clear your doubt with a visit to the nearest JK or sit back at the comfort of your home and Order Online at