Benefits of eating on Banana Leaf

In India for the majority of its people residing in this heritage-filled nation life revolves around food. Food places an important role in all the phases of growth and development such as School & College hostels, Festivals & Functions, be it office or workplace. Traditional hospitality and serving dishes, especially in South India – Banana leaf is regularly employed. 

The banana leaf is adopted by our ancestors because naturally and logically it must have been the go-to choice due to its large surface area. 

We at Junior Kuppanna (JK) are well renowned for our Kongu cuisine and nonveg signature dishes like Pallipalayam Chicken, Pichupota Naatu Kozhi Fry, Kongu Chicken Gravy,  Mutton Briyani which you all relish and tech-savvy go for Order Online.

As most of the readers must have tried the wonderful dine-in experience of Junior Kuppanna – this post isn’t just to brag about our hospitality but also to expound on the various benefits from our practice of offering our delicacies on the plantain leaf. 

Consuming hot dishes on the banana leaf will ensure that the food absorbs lots of polyphenols and antioxidants present in it – these play a vital role in reducing the chances of getting lifestyle / non-communicable diseases such as heart attacks, BP, diabetes, etc reduces. 

The eco-friendly option, as an alternative to the plastics and spoons and the chemicals used to cleanse metal plates, gets reduced. This practice encourages sustainable development and a green economy. 

In the time of the pandemic, sanitation and personal hygiene get prime importance the banana leaf is a win-win trophy. You can always get the same from the and enjoy them all by dining in at your nearby Junior Kuppanna outlet.