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We at Junior Kuppanna (JK) had been at the forefront in serving the people with authentic Kongu cuisine. We have already garnered a repeating fanbase and strong patronage – and constantly motivated us in our endeavors to reach out to more audiences and try innovations in the menu, and you can access enjoy all our signature dishes easily at https://juniorkuppanna.dotpe.in/

February is the month of love, and let saint Valentine bless us all with love, we at Junior Kuppanna – have some special gifts waiting for you all to celebrate with your special ones.

We very well understand that you all love our JK ambiance and throng with your buddies and family to spend your time here making the best of your time and building memories. As a brand, we have served and cared for your taste buds for generations – but as times change we have adopted and modernized ourselves at regular intervals such as have following the social media trends and you can order online on your smartphones just by following these: https://kuppanna.com/blogs/food/how-to-order-online-at-kuppanna-com

Now the digital world has become the norm, everything happens in the Cyberverse, and we JK have planned something big and wonderful for you netizens – an exclusive offer with our wholehearted love – Order Online at the price of dine-in.

Yes, you read that correct, now relish till your inner soul gets the true taste of our fine Kongu dishes and such as Pallipalayam Chicken, Mutton Nalli Fry, Egg Fried Rice, our myriad Parottas (https://kuppanna.com/blogs/food/six-must-try-parottas-at-jk), not to mention the champ Mutton and Chicken Biryani, etc. All this above can be bought at dine in cost at our www.kuppanna.com