Six Must try Parottas at JK

Junior Kuppanna (JK) has been serving authentic Kongu cuisine for more than six decades – and Parottas is one of those special dishes which is consumed both as a lovely snack and as well as an important meal to quench the stomach acids. We have already elaborated that JK serves the Best Parotta in the town
Here are six variants of these maida made flat breads that mustn’t be missed at your next visit to JK or enjoy at home with Order online:

1. Regular Parotta

The traditional parotta is perfectly roasted to bring out its multilayered soft rings and matches well with all of our delicious mouth-watering nonveg sides


Veg Kothu Parotta

2. Veg Kothu Parotta

If you’re are a full-time vegan and also an authentic parotta fan, this sliced parotta served hot on your plates will be sure a stomach and heart filler


3. Egg Kothu Parotta

This is famous and very well-loved by the children as it can be easily munched. In this, the regular parotta is shredded into pieces and eggs are scrambled and garnished with veggies

4. Coin Parotta

Its alias is Malabar Parotta, it comes in a circular fashion and is known for its crunchiness and matches all curries in perfection

5. Bun Parotta

This famous fluffier version has its origin in or around Madurai, the bun shape and taste make it awesome street food, and it’s the best option for vegetarians

6. Egg Veechu Parotta

Eggs are a very nutritious diet and when it becomes part of a Veechu Parottas fillings making a drizzling delicious to the mouth