Junior Kuppanna’s Magnificent Muttai (Eggs) dishes

Though the debate whether Chicken or the Eggs came first, we definitely don’t have an answer for that – but here’s the list of best egg dishes from Junior Kuppanna (JK) and it will prudent on your part not to miss these items:

Plain Omelette

This is a very popular item made from the beaten egg, added with sliced onions, chilies, and fried – it also serves the best side dish with almost any typical Tamil meal. 

Kalaki Plain

A street food which has its origins in Coimbatore, Kalaki which literally means mix up and this product is a mixture of egg with a strong gravy and served with hot air emanating 

Half boil 

These half-boils are the best egg fry because they preserve the blue-green sulphur present in the egg and it is a low-calorie food. 

Muttai Podimas

South Indian version of scrambled egg, which added spices and chillies, onions, and masala – this matches well with almost any meal/dish. 

Kalaki Masala

The egg is mixed with marinated gravy and with sprinkled pepper, turmeric, and a myriad of spice masala and coriander giving an amazing aroma and taste. 

Karandi Omelette

It is a special omelette which is made using a big ladle that gives it a unique flavor of famous street food Panniyaram.

At your upcoming visit to Junior Kuppanna (JK) you must try these protein filled yellow-while delicious and if you hate the wait – Order Online now!