10 Reasons To Dine-In JK

1. Authentic Heritage

Junior Kuppanna (JK) was founded by Thiru Kuppanna & Thirumati Rukmini Amma who set out as their path to serving the people with authentic Kongu dishes and now it has been continuing for more than 60 years successfully.

2. Secret Recipes

Our restaurant had a modest start as a family kitchen, thereby inheriting all those secret recipes of Patti (grandmother), which is now enjoyed by the multitude across the globe.

3. Curated Ingredients

The novel feature of our practice is to choose the basic raw material to its perfection and some exotic spices and herbs are used to give customers a marvelous experience.

4. Customer is King

As a core principle and in alignment with the Gandhian thought we view our customers as a patron.

5. Cooking with care

The making is the quintessential part of the hotel business and our chefs have perfected this craft with years of Expertise.

6. Our Special Menu

We have some of the exclusive delicacies such as Pallipalayam Chicken, Kovai Chicken, Mutton Kola Urundai just to list out a few.

7. Nostalgic Taste

Since JK has been catering for generations, it has become a part of the family cuisine bringing back memories down the Lane.

8. Serving with love

The restaurants under our ambient all have a goal to bring happiness to people with a supreme hospitality experience.

9. Building the brand

Junior Kuppanna has now emerged as one an the iconic brand associated with the ace menu caring to the taste bud needs of the people.

10. Testament of Testimonials

In the era of digital media, each one of us can be a food blogger, and JK constantly garnering positive reviews and ratings; proof of our enduring achievement.