Best Biryani in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of the important States of the country and also one that is blessed in natural wealth and its heritage and the culture of Tamilnadu is among the oldest on the globe. With literary masterpieces been written in the Tamil language thousands of years ago in the Sangam age, it also reflects the multifaceted way of life in those ancient times and has the details of what kinda dress, cosmetics, sports and of course the foods they consumed – this makes the traditional Tamil cuisine even more exceptional. 

We, Junior Kuppanna take immense pride in being a modest part in continuing this extraordinary lineage of authentic Tamil Kongu cuisine and we’re well known for our signature non veg items, to list of a few Mutton Chukka, Chicken Pallipalayam, Peri Peri Chicken, Madurai Mutton, etc. 

Speaking about the non veg food, we can’t ignore one special person – Biryani

A Little History 

Biryani has always been the secret dish that could satiate the soul of any non-veg lover in the Indian subcontinent. Though there are the myriad originmyths to this divine dish, the popular one this that a benevolent Mughalthe queen gave a desi twist to the Iranian Pulav to give a feast to the army, and this was very much enjoyed by the troops so much so that many were eager for the next campaign just to get a taste of this special recipe. And as time moved on, there were many regional variants of Biryani has emerged and each has its specialties and legends.

The endless search for the best

The quest for the best biryani in the world might always be an open-ended one, as this versatile dish we constantly evolving as per the ideas, ingredients, and imaginations of the maker – but benign a popular dish with patrons across every dimension of the social fabric there will be always this question of which must be the best outlet to buy biryani from and go out for a feast with friends. 

Though opinions can vary, we Junior Kuppanna has been and have been proving time and again that the timeless Kongu variant of Mutton/Chicken Biryani served at our restaurants have topped in a legion of polls and a number of noted newspapers and journals have appreciated our authentic Biryani cooked out from the traditional Seeraga Samba rice. 

Moreover, JK has been serving a loyal base of customers for generations now this itself is an achievement by itself – but what is more exhilarating is the fact that we still proliferate the customary taste to the millennials and the younger generations – this feat is a testament to the title for JK’s  Biryani as the most famous in Chennai (the state capital) and the whole of the Tamil Nadu!