Pick your favourite kebab today at Junior Kuppanna!

It's a cuisine from Turkey that got us this dish. Yes, we are talking about KEBABS! Definitely one of the most versatile dishes. It was a very long time ago when Indians savoured this dish. And now they have a place in our menu at Junior Kuppanna! The aroma of the roast, either chicken or paneer to give you blistering, red-hot food can leave you wanting more!

Kebab at Junior Kuppanna

So, we say - Why have abs when you can have kebabs? Building Kebab is more important, right? Saying this loud and clear for those foodies who ask the whereabouts of the dedicated chefs cooking these lip-smacking kebabs.

Junior Kuppanna is about to decorate your plate with juicy kebabs! The Kongu King, Junior Kuppanna has been serving for almost 40 years with its unique authentic flavour, and kebabs join our must-try menu list!

JK's avid fans would understand the tempting announcement since they have their taste buds devoted to Junior Kuppanna's seasonings. The Kongu cuisine of Kuppanna has always enticed not only the family audience but all those who would understand the true colours of herbs, spices and the rich aroma of Kongu. It denotes Kuppanna has built a trademark itself that can never be ignored. 

Here’s what you can grab right away at Junior Kuppanna!

Chettinadu Chicken Kebab

The Chettinadu Chicken Kebab is a traditional-style chicken curry exploding with the spiciness of chillies. The tender chicken will be all ready to devour with the chef's hands-on approach with cinnamon, onions, and curry leaves. So go get yourself these succulently tasty bites.

Chicken Tikka Kebab

The Chicken Tikka Kebab is a customary boneless chicken burnt over charcoal (for better taste) using skewers. The subtly spiced dish needs no companion and lets you hold the empty stick within a very few seconds! Grab the stick(y) to ramp up your lunch.

Garlick Chicken Kebab

The Chicken Reshmi Kebab is largely consumed by us, the Indians and our bordering country, Pakistan. Reshmi, meaning silk, conveys the fine and velvety texture of the cooking manner. It's the mild spice, a bounty portion of cream and a handful of cashew nuts. Yield yourself the Mughalian famous food.

Garlic Kebab

The Chicken Garlic Kebab is tender portions of marinated chicken cooked on a BBQ or skillet for a sweet and smoky savour. We serve this appetizing garlic garnished and flavoured dish with a cut of lemon to cope with.

Chicken Thandoori

The Tandoori Chicken is apparently a South Asian dish of chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices. The dish gets its burning red-coloured coating from Kashmiri chilli used on it and when served with rings of onions, you can never count the pieces in your intake. A bear-hug-sized chicken is available is available now.


Panneer Tikka Kebab

The Paneer Tikka Kebab is the voice of those vegetarians waiting for so long. The cubes of paneer are neatly arranged with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes, one after the other with all those marinated with yoghurt and a few seasonings that blend well along when dumped into the mud-fired oven. 

Junior Kuppanna, the most fancied family dining, grants you to gobble our kebabs from all outlets. Devour the freshly prepared kebabs at Junior Kuppanna!

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