Eat Good Look Good

Culinary meets Grooming – An Ultimate Fusion Unleashed

It’s Time to Fascinate Your Palate & Slay Your Style Game

Hey foodie friend, Junior Kuppanna has been all about spreading the love by tantalizing your taste buds. But now, we are stepping up our love game to pamper you with some styling too. Get ready to indulge in a medley of flavors and flaunt yourself in style. In case you are wondering, we have recently teamed up with Naturals, India’s top-notch salon. 

Because Eating Good and Looking the Best is a PoweRRR Duo 

Eat good and look good

We, Junior Kuppanna and Naturals salon have come together with a shared goal of spreading some serious love (savings too) your way. Having launched our epic collaboration offer themed “Eat Good, Look Good”, we are hooking you up with much-needed love and pampering. Let your soul and body tap feet to the tune of “Mala tum tum manjara tum tum” 

Did someone say DISCOUNTS?!

Yes. We did.  Let’s unveil the poweRRR combo offer. No, we are not hinting at the popular movie but about you Relishing, Relaxing & Rejuvenating. Our killer campaign Eat Good, Look Good brings you discounts that complement both your dining & grooming experiences. 

Get ready to level up dude!! Practicing self-care and good eating habits are the key to unlocking the best version of yourself. 

Let’s talk Saappadu and Styling!!

Here is all about our latest offer which provides you the marvelous opportunity to enjoy the best of both brands (Junior Kuppanna & Naturals). 

Your Tummy and Tresses will thank You (your wallets too). 

Dine in for Dinner at Junior Kuppanna and use Naturals Bill to avail:

  • 15% off on dinner for dine-in (min bill value Rs 500 )
  • 20% off on dinner for dine-in + free lemon mint cooler ( 
    min bill value Rs 1000 /- 

Get groomed at Naturals Salon and use Junior Kuppanna bill to avail:

  • 15% offer (min. bill value of Rs 500/-)
  • 20% off on dinner + 2 nail Polishes free ( min. bill value Rs 1000/- ) 

These offers can be availed when you visit Junior Kuppanna only for dinner. And the offer lasts until the 30th of April 2023.  

Come on in for dinner and stuff your belly with some scrumptious delights. And then head over to Naturals Salon for a quick rejuvenation routine. Indulge in the ultimate self-care experience. Because you deserve to be pampered inside out. 

We are not kidding when we say our discounts are that great. You’ll be able to order that extra plate of flavorful biryani and still go for a refreshing facial or a dazzling haircut while enjoying awesome discounts and exciting freebies. This is going to be the ultimate pampering experience for you without breaking the bank. 

Eat Good and Look  Good Discount Offer by Naturals and Junior Kuppanna

This delightful - Eat Good, Look Good campaign was inaugurated on 15th March 2023 by Mr. C K Kumaravel, founder of Naturals Salon, and Mr. R. Balachander, Director of Junior Kuppanna. Many other celebrity guests graced the occasion with their presence @ Junior Kuppanna located at Alwarpet, Chennai. 

Now you may tango your way to save money without giving up on the things you would love to do. Believe us, you are going to radiate pure awesomeness by savoring new flavors and flaunting your new glow.

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