A sea of dishes at Junior Kuppanna

The Kongu King, Junior Kuppanna is all set to serve you with an exotic seafood menu. A sea of dishes indeed!

Do you SEA the menu already?

ECR has got the class of restaurants and the best pick of the bunch would definitely be Junior Kuppanna. Still ahead of the bunch, Junior Kuppanna consistently provides an eye-catching menu with a heavenly taste. ECR's Junior Kuppanna branch is exclusively open to all those who want to "seas the day!"

You might pay less attenton to us since you feel sea foods are pretty normal anywhere. But haven't you heard of Kongu's style of handling marine creatures? Weave your net with us to share your favourite cooked sea-based delicacies.

Let's s(w)kim through the menu now ! 

  • The sole delights, the so-called Nandu Rasam! The pearl onion’s skin touches your tongue to relieve the taste of ginger garlic used, the garnished coriander offers a particular taste along with the lemon squeeze, the final glimmer that your palate carries first!
  • The aromatic Indian spice and garlic marinated Vanjaram fish fried to perfect crispness comes with low carbs and high protein. The firm texture with golden brown skin lets you swallow it with rings of onions to suit well.
  • Fish Chukka, is a flavourful and scrumptious dry fish with a traditional taste. A simple cilantro-garnished dish goes well with chapatis or parathas.
  • The careful mess-free breading technique lets your Fish Fingers be more crunchy and the golden brown texture gives it a fine look. The quick side dish, mayonnaise or tomato ketchup won’t let you down when dipped along.
  • The Fish Toast can be served as it is or as a side to any rice or rice-based dish. The masala sticks to the skin when finely baked and goes well with onion wedges or vegetable salad.
  • The Vela Meen Roast with the basic Indian spices is marinated and shallow roasted at a perfect temperature without overburning giving you a brown-shaped fish linked to many health benefits, including a lower risk of heart disease.
  • These silver-coloured Mathi Fish fishes are delicious and filled with loads of goodness. Adding curry leaves before frying gives a nice aroma and the usage of coconut oil enhances the authenticity of the dish!
  • Dam Fish Roast lets you explore different spices while marinating. The key to the bright flavour of this fish is the lemon which gives you a simple savour.
  • Steamed Fish in Banana Leaves is a South Indian formula made using pomfret fish, banana leaves, coconut and lemon juice. This fish recipe utilises coconut which counts a memorable taste and aroma to the dish. The natural scent of banana leaf wraps throughout the final bite!
  • Dry fish fry is not everyone's cup of tea, because of its smell and taste. But somehow it becomes an authentic mouth-watering South Indian recipe for Non-vegetarian lovers when plated with rasam rice or sambar rice.
  • An impressive starters list would always hold Nethili Fry. The quick recipe is a very famous appetizer in Kerala. The taste of the fish differs and the spice used sticks throughout.
  • The Sora Puttu is widely available in Tamil Nadu and of course, you cannot avoid this stir-fry delicacy. The soft and flaky fish is shredded, steamed and fried. A notable amount of onions and green chillies added to soraputtu adds an excellent taste.
  • Prawns are roasted along with freshly smashed black pepper and finely chopped curry leaves. Shimmering ghee gives it a fine look. This prawn pepper fry goes so well as a side dish with rice.
  • The prawn moru moru tastes well with a marginal pour of yoghurt while marinating. Deep frying becomes more crunchy when dipped in a considerable amount of bread crumbs.
  • The yummy prawn manchurian's shimmering look does the best taste when tossed with ketchup, soya sauce, bell peppers and diced onions. This mouth-watering menu gobbles well with any Chinese dish like noodles, soup or chowmein as well.
  • The prawn 65 and squid 65 is a delicious starter recipe. This is a tangy and crispy dry preparation in which prawns are marinated with seasonings and deep fried. Prawn 65 squid 65 steals the best taste with hot steamed rice. They are fried intensely and a lemon squeeze's final touch lets you swallow your piece already.
  • Fab is Crab! And crab's CLAWsome menu like Crab Fry, Crab Pepper Fry and Crab Lollipop tops it.
  • Nandu Varuval is a finger-licking fine preparation of crab using shallots or baby onions and an entire lot of aromatic and bold spices. This cuisine can't be concluded without coriander powder, red chilli powder, fennel powder and curry leaves.
  • Crab pepper fry is a South Indian seafood delicacy scented with fennel seeds powder and black pepper powder, which pushes this crab dish to be mouth-watering and loaded with flavours. The tomato puree along with the spices has a deep and tangy taste. Crab pepper fry is not totally dry but is semi-dry with dense gravy blanketed on the crab.
  • A crab lollipop is nothing but a piece of crab tossed in chilli, ginger-garlic paste and some other authentic spices and finally coated with bread crumbs for a crunchy finish.
  • You also get to taste vala meen gravy, ayla fish gravy, vanjaram fish gravy, dry fish gravy, prawn gravy, prawn chukka and crab masala. The masalas used in our gravy blend well with each of these significant items dipped in and give you a fine aroma. The spices used and the ginger garlic's intense add-ons uplift the taste of any dish. Our chef's hands are gifted with the right kind of tossing and combining ending up with the zesty saucy menu that we present to you. Any of these gravies can be taken with rice, chapatis or parathas!
  • Fish meals are a surprisingly interesting option for all fish lovers! Rice served in a banana leaf with a variety of fish(y) dishes to capture your attention! This could serve you best for the day any day!

Junior Kuppanna got its seafood menu exclusively in the ECR branch to serve you the finest of its chef's handpicked recipes! Why wait? Just head there right away! 

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