Junior Kuppanna now open 24/7 @ Anna Nagar, Chennai

Imagine this. It's 2 a.m. in the night, and your stomach growls in hunger. You just found out that your go-to restaurant remains open and serves up your favourites. At that moment, your temptation becomes irresistible, and you can’t stop yourself from rushing to the restaurant.

24 / 7 restaurant in Anna nagar


Sounds satisfyingly cool, right? 

Be it a long day at work, or a late-night outing with friends, the best way to end our day is to have a hearty meal. However, not everybody will have the enthusiasm for cooking especially in late hours. In such instances, it is a joy to know that restaurants and cloud kitchens serving 24*7 exist. We can simply pop in or order online to indulge in the feast of endless varieties. 

Because cravings strike at any time of the day.

At Junior Kuppanna, we know that your taste buds never sleep. Be it early hours of the day or late at night, sudden cravings for lip-smacking biriyani or piping-hot parottas may hit you. Fear not, as you can now indulge in your favorites any time of the day at Junior Kuppanna, Anna Nagar. Yes, we are now operating round the clock to satiate the midnight foodie in you.

Anna Nagar Junior Kuppanna 24/7 restaurant

There is a reason why people are raving about dining in 24*7 restaurants in the wee hours. The warm ambiance, the hushed conversations of fellow diners, and most importantly, the aroma of the soul-satisfying dishes, will feel like an escape from the mundane world.

Usually, 24-hour restaurants are the best fit for those who crave adventure in tasting varieties, those who travel at odd hours, and those whose hunger pangs know no time. It’s a fulfilling life experience as it will feel like stepping into a world where no concept of time exists and only you and your favourite dish satiating your taste buds.

Savor every bite and say goodbye to your hunger




If you are hit with midnight hunger pangs, look no further. Just make your way to Junior Kuppanna, Anna Nagar, and let the flavours speak for themselves. It is the perfect opportunity for you to embark on a joyous ride of feasting on mouth-watering Kongu cuisine even after the world sleeps. From Mutton biriyani to Nalli Chops, from Curry Dosa to Kebabs (depending on availability), you can savour your most fond dishes until your taste buds thank you. And the best part is that you can keep coming back for more any time of the day.  

Mutton Biriyani

Nalli Chops

 Adding to your convenience, we are also providing pick-up and delivery services 24*7. Get ready to experience the true essence of deliciously hot Kongu cuisines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Junior Kuppanna, Anna Nagar.

Our outlets in Velachery and Nungambakkam are now operating day and night too. 

We will tell you more about them soon! Stay tuned!