Junior Kuppanna's Fun Meal

Every time a customer comes to one of our restaurants, Junior Kuppanna takes great care to provide them with high-quality, delicious menu items. We are aware that every one of our customers, especially those who have a strong passion for food that is healthy and that is given to their children, have specific requirements and factors to take into account while selecting a restaurant to enjoy their meal as a family along with kids and toddlers.

JK Junior

To those with a great love on their children and to parents who love to surprise their children and ensure they have an enjoyable experience, Junior Kuppanna, Junior Kuppanna came up with a new menu called as "JK Junior Combo's" which is the most liked kids super fun combo mania ever that makes your child to feel delight and happier ever and so we decided to name this combo as "Fun Meal Combo"

This fun meal combo comes in two varieties: vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights, which you can choose based on your taste and convenience.

First Combo is a vegetarian combo package that includes a choice of one vegetarian starter and one vegetarian main course, as well as a complimentary toy. This package is priced at Rs. 349, and we know that it is the most popular Junior Kuppanna combo in recent days, as the children enjoy the toy and the delicious food. We know that this package will bring extreme joy to your mind and heart and provide great refreshment, as we know that your child's happiness is your happiness. 

Then comes the second combo, which is a non-vegetarian combo that includes a choice of one non-vegetarian starter and one non-vegetarian main course, as well as a complimentary toy. This package is priced at Rs. 399, and we know it is the best combo ever because it has received a warm welcome from all the parents who have recently visited us because their children love to eat the non-vegetarian combo highly here, and parents are satisfied because their children are having a nutritional meal full of proteins, which also helps their children develop a fondness for these varieties of non-vegetarian food.

We hope you will also visit our first kid-themed restaurant, Junior Kuppanna, in Alwarpet and try the fun meals available here with your kids. We guarantee that you will have immense pleasure and great satisfaction while you bring your kids here, as the best ever hygienic as well as nutritional foods cooked with care are served here for your children to enjoy, along with amazing toys, a great kid’s library, and a few more fun-filled entertainment activities. 

JK Junior

Our restaurant is hygienic, and we serve nutritious food that is cooked with care and served with joy for your children to enjoy. The complimentary toys are an add-on to their happiness. We also have a special kids' library and weekly activities and events taking place every weekend in the afternoon and evening. The best part is that all of these perks are completely free!

If you want to experience this lovely, fun-filled place, reach out to the restaurant soon, enjoy the best time ever with your kids and family, and reach back to us with your reviews to help us in improving so that we can make your experience even better.