5 amazing reasons why JK Juniors is the best kids friendly restaurant in Chennai

Our city Chennai is becoming increasingly popular for its wide food choices, but there is still one challenge evidently faced by a lot of families today. When it comes to finding a restaurant that serves a wide range of dishes (especially our traditional Tamil items) for the young kids in your family, the solutions are very few. Wouldn’t you agree?

And your prayers have been answered! Junior Kuppanna, a restaurant that celebrates a rich legacy since the 1960s, has recently launched JK Juniors, a kids themed restaurant experience thoughtfully set up to meet the taste buds of kids while also serving delicious food for the adults in the family.


Keeping our Tamil traditions alive at JK Juniors

JK junior best kids friendly restaurant

It is generally believed that the usual Tamil cuisine prepared in restaurants is too spicy for children to enjoy. So in today’s context, in order to give less spicy food to the children, parents have been picking other cuisines such as Chinese, Italian and Continental. Junior Kuppanna wants to rewrite this story where we can offer the best of our Tamil traditional food to children curated in a non-spicy, toddler-friendly way and balance out their palate. 

This is the most important inspiration for us to launch JK Juniors. We believe that JK Juniors will be received by families as a wonderful place to introduce children  to our native cuisines in an enjoyable way. The menu has traditional food prepared in a child-friendly manner with appropriate ingredients and fresh recipes. We ensure that the spice level is medium or less as per your kids’ requirement and the portions are in appropriate quantities too. 

Similarly, kids always love to play while eating. JK Juniors is based on the unique idea of going back to our roots of the ‘eat while you play’ concept that we traditionally followed in our families to make our kids eat. Amidst the bustling city life, we have lost touch with our hereditary practices where children eat while they play and enjoy the meal equally. 

The newly launched JK Juniors at Junior Kuppanna, Alwarpet has some fantastic experiences designed with this unique idea thoughtfully integrated within the setup - to bring back the ‘eat-n-play’ experience for your juniors.

Still thinking? Okay, we will now give you 5 more exciting reasons as to why JK Juniors at Junior Kuppanna, TTK Road, Alwarpet is the best hangout spot henceforth for your entire family, especially your kids.


Reason 1: Chennai’s first kids themed restaurant

Junior Kuppanna Kids Theme Restaurant

Junior Kuppanna’s newly launched kids-themed restaurant in Alwarpet is Chennai’s first of its kind. Shining with its uniqueness, the restaurant was inaugurated on December 3, 2022. While we have designed the ambience to be kid-friendly and introduced a menu catering to kids, we are also happy to make the eating experience more pleasing for kids with cute and attractive cutlery, smaller chairs that are comfortable for their seating and much more. 

JK junior kids theme restaurant

Well, if you find yourself searching ‘kid-friendly restaurant near me’ on Google all the time, look no further because JK Juniors by Junior Kuppanna at Alwarpet is where you have to head to right away! 

 Reason 2: Tasty traditional food adapted to a kids-friendly menu

JK junior best kids friendly restaurant

The kids’ menu at JK Juniors includes traditional dishes and also items which generally kids prefer. Some options they will feel excited to taste are fish fingers, paneer fingers, chicken lollipop, sweet bun dosa, sweet parotta, muru muru parotta, special noodles, fried rice, creamy gravies, and penne pasta with a range of soups, veg & non-veg starters. 

The same JK Juniors kids menu is available across all twelve outlets of the restaurant in Chennai. You can also order our items on all 365 days on Swiggy and Zomato.

Looking to host a birthday party for your children and their friends where they can enjoy all these dishes? We have pocket-friendly packages starting at Rs.10,000. Call our Alwarpet branch at 89257 97773 for party related enquiries. 


Reason 3: Special play area for kids

JK junior best kids friendly restaurant

We have built a long list of activities and facilities that will appeal to your kids more than any other place they would have visited. The place has fun things to try such as a ball pit and colorful sliders for the kids.

The 300 sq.ft play area is equipped with a range of board games and toys too. This facility has been enabled by the popular Funskool brand who are known for creating excellent play tools for children. We have also collaborated with Odyssey, another well known brand in the city to set up a well-conceived library of books for your kids to explore and read. 

This play area at JK Juniors also has a caretaker to look after your kids safely and guide them to play and engage with fun, all while you peacefully enjoy your meal in the family section.

Reason 4: Weekend activities for kids

JK Juniors weekend activities

Weekends are when you would want to have the best time with your family. It is a time for relaxing and taking a break from the kitchen after a week of racing against time. Junior Kuppanna is delighted to offer the best experience to you when you need it the most. 

We have activities galore designed for your kids ranging from magic shows, balloon sculpting, pottery, origami and tattoo-making to name a few. Parents can come along with kids to have an enhanced entertaining experience as a family.


Reason 5: Comfortable dining experience for entire family

JK Juniors

So, when kids seem to be having all the fun with the above reasons we have mentioned, we haven’t left the parents out of our mind. In fact your entire family can now dine happily relishing Junior Kuppanna’s caringly prepared biryani varieties as always. 

Our restaurant is sure to give you a wholesome tasty meal experience for your family AND kids, in complete peace and enjoyment. Eat happily without the need for stressing out over kids' tantrums, or having to search for hours to find a restaurant with a menu that caters to your toddler’s taste buds.

JK Juniors, initiated by Junior Kuppanna has been inaugurated jointly by Shri M.V.M. Sasikumar, Director of Velammal Group of Institutions and Vijay TV fame Shri. Erode Magesh, an actor, comedian and motivational speaker, in the presence of Mr Murthy K, Mr Arumugan P, Mr.Balachandar R, Directors who are carrying the legacy of the Founder's family. Junior Kuppanna has more than 45 restaurants across India and Singapore. Coming soon in Malaysia, Colombo and the Middle east. 

We are sure that your juniors would love to be pampered at JK Juniors, right in the heart of the city. We are committed to provide an unforgettable experience to your kids and entire family at our restaurant. So what are you waiting for? Head over to JK Juniors @ Junior Kuppanna, TTK Road, Alwarpet and experience the best dining time with your children.

Visit us at: 53, New, 316, TT Krishnamachari Rd, Alwarpet, Chennai.

Landmark: Adjacent to Naradha Gana Sabha.

For Party Orders, call 89257 97773