Marina Mall on OMR welcomes Junior Kuppanna’s latest outlet

Savour your taste buds to the best of Kongu cuisine!

Amidst growing Western culture and other state’s cuisines, we still long fiercely for the authenticity and tradition of our own Tamizh land’s ancestral food. That is because few people with a legacy have preserved this aspect of heritage. They have done that by carrying the traditional recipes to future generations. Kongu cuisine with an amalgamation of recipes is undoubtedly one among them. To enrich these cultural cravings around food, Junior Kuppanna continues to hold up its name in serving traditional taste to food lovers.

So, what’s very exciting about Kongu cuisine?

Kongu's pre-eminence for true traditions:

Rice is the staple of the Kongunadu people. However before rice was available to everyone, kambu (pearl millet), sorghum (vella cholam), ragi (finger millet) were some of the cereals and millets used. Most of these cereals are a better choice when compared to rice and can be cooked as rice or used in idli, dosas.

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Districts of Coimbatore, Erode, Tirupur, Karur, Namakkal, Salem, Nilgiris, Dindigul, Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri of South India, Tamil Nadu were pioneers in cooking with a blend of these combinations. Junior Kuppanna, a legacy brand started by Thiru Kuppusamy made it evident to the world. In 1960, he started with a unique flavored kongu style biriyani outlet with just 12 seats. Today, the brand has grown multifold.

Devour a Kongu cuisine lunch at Marina Mall right away!

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Now, Junior Kuppanna is one of the best-serving and ushering hotels in South India. To welcome customers with the homely yet most palatable dishes was our drive to success. And, it still is. With that in mind, we have our latest outlet of Junior Kuppanna at Marina Mall. We wanted to bring the best and most trusted restaurant in Chennai city to serve the best people of OMR. And we did!

We are best known for everyone's favourite, biriyani. It isn't just a word saying, "deftness of hand". Our dishes certainly leave you lingering on a fresh taste with their mouth-watering ingredients. We are privileged to hold the proud moment showered by notable personages like MGR, Sivaji, Kalaignar and Jayalalithaa.  

The talk at the mall!

While we talk so much about Kongu-style cuisine there should also be considerable locations to taste the dishes, isn’t it? The gates to great food are now open at Marina Mall, OMR. Junior Kuppanna’s brand new outlet has been inaugurated inside the mall and we await to welcome you with a warm heart!

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Our grand opening inside Marina Mall, OMR, Chennai on 14th December, 2022 is one more reason to celebrate for all food lovers!  With our finer cooking style emerging day by day, we are here to serve you with the best Kongu style dishes after a tiresome day of shopping inside the mall.

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Delighted at the event, Actor and Bigg Boss fame Miss Aishwarya Dutta was the chief guest to light up the occasion. Ms.Aishwarya spoke about how she has been a great fan of Junior Kuppanna’s food. Her most favourite is the Mutton Biriyani on the menu that is sure to leave everyone in awe of its taste.

The director of Marina Mall and franchise owner of Junior Kuppanna at the Marina Mall, Mr Mukrim Habeeb, Mr Abdul Wadood and Mohammed Hassan and Mohammed Ashfaq Sultan along with Mr Murthy K and Mr Arumugan P, graced the inaugural occasion with their presence.

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A unique array of spices adding magic to the Kongu dishes

Talking about the spice levels in Kongu cuisine served at Junior Kuppanna, it becomes unfair if you do not know the conception of the idea. We had our own state-of-the-art masala factory producing 24 varieties of proprietary masalas set up in the year 2010. The spices continue to add magic to our recipes till date.

To bring up the finest facts, let us delve into how our spices ultimately lead the way to the dishes’ aroma. Handpicked spices, when coated on a chicken or mutton seasoned with signature-style turmeric served in a banana leaf, transport you into a different world. You can never miss out on our exceptional usage of grains and cereals, which are rarely consumed within other cuisines. The stretch of Kongu region is particularly well-known for its Pallipalayam chicken. This preparation with few ingredients unveils exotic facets and best goes with dhal or rasam. 

Kongu mutton curry is never to miss out. It is cooked with mild spices and coconut. It has got its uniqueness because of its aroma.

Madurai mutton is an onion-based curry with a plentiful amount of both fried shallots and ground onions. Diced mutton slices and boiled potatoes are added to the shimmering gravy. With a touch of sweetness, it is just the right accompaniment for your naans, parottas and rotis.

Mutton kola urundai, a healthy yet crispy snack delights your crunchy cravings. Dosas suit best with thala gravy, mutton kudal, brain fry chutneys and chicken kolambu. Moreover, you get to eat one of the healthiest chicken or mutton in our dishes.

Our dishes have been evolving with a rustic essence. We do not allow our food to be washed away with too much of spices even though we have built a legacy in that space. Your taste buds would dance to the perfect balance we retain!

There’s variety for the vegetarians too!

A simple aromatic garlic rasam and paruppu (lentils) with spicy puli kulambu or kaara kulambu would do wonders. And that too only when served in a banana leaf. The banana leaf has everything to do with the extra flavour you get while dining here.

You can never leave without having curd rice along with vadagam and pickles. Our pickles are always the best companion and they are best-spiced by our own ingredients. Each of your bites would be incomplete without papad/appalam. Drizzled ghee shimmers your taste buds while the final touch turns out to be sweeter with payasam. The paruppu payasam is the familiar mouth-watering unavoidable one using moong dhal and jaggery.

Spoilt for choices, but only one place to go hereafter - Junior Kuppanna!

Usually, malls are set up with hotels or restaurants with cuisines like Chinese or other fast foods. If you have noticed it evidently, you can count on, say, one or two usual Indian cuisines. Marina Mall's inclusion of Junior Kuppanna is a welcoming and promising move to provide authentic Kongu cuisine food to families who love spending time at the mall.

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Absolutely, OMR can never be underestimated when it comes to fun. And, fun is incomplete without food. The best biriyani serving stop is Junior Kuppanna, now inside Marina Mall. Let there be any number of hotels but when you want to relish some excellent traditional meals, get your feet moving towards Junior Kuppanna.

Our foremost objective is to grow and serve healthy and flavorsome meals while catering to your vast preferences. If you haven't yet tried our proud Kongu cuisine, then let your next visit be, to Junior Kuppanna inside OMR’s Marina Mall.

All our signature dishes are available for ordering on Swiggy and Zomato as well.


2nd Floor, Food Court 12/1A, OMR, Egattur, Chennai. Mobile: 73581-12773