JK Kids - Special Menu

JK kids special menu


It's extremely difficult to enjoy a meal or dinner while traveling with children to a hotel or restaurant!

Do you agree? Your kids are sure to bounce off the walls, crawl under the table, and offer up a big NO to your enjoyable time by ruling out your own time to spend with them and being naughty or not eating properly. As a parent, you may also be worried about not giving your children nutritious and healthy foods when you want to take them to a hotel or a restaurant and give up on your desire to dine out.

If you are the one who is facing this issue, we are here to assist you, and we are delighted to direct you to Chennai's first kids' themed restaurant, by Junior Kuppanna, at Alwarpet.

We understand that eating meals with your children is like being in heaven, as you can cherish these moments with your child where they can enjoy good food and experience the entertainment around them with a wide play area along with multiple amenities. If you want to treasure these moments along with your child, where they can enjoy and refresh themselves with healthy food, Junior Kuppanna's kids-themed restaurant would be the ideal choice.

To engage kids and families and to serve you the best healthy and nutritious food along with excellent nutritional value, the chefs at Junior Kuppanna have come up with an exclusive menu curated specially for kids that includes starters in both non-vegetarian and vegetarian variants, a main course, pasta varieties, and fun meal combos.

The starters for your children are cooked with perfectly refined oil and fresh ingredients, with no artificial colors or preservatives, making this the best food choice you would prefer to make for your child. This includes kiddies Gobi Manchurian, kiddies Chilli Paneer, kiddies Paneer 65, kiddies Paneer Finger, and kiddies Golden Fried Babycorn in the vegetarian variants.

If you enjoy non-vegetarian appetizers and your child enjoys tasting fresh meat with finely chopped ingredients, Junior Kuppanna's special menu offers kiddies Chicken 65, kiddies Sweet and Sour Lollipop, kiddies Popcorn Chicken, kiddies Chicken Finger, kiddies Dragon Chicken, kiddies Japan Chicken, and kiddies Fish Finger. If you have the eagerness to taste the crunchiest and, at the same time, juiciest saucy starters, you can try these, and we assure you that you will not be disappointed. 

The main course would be the first focus for every foodie, as it fills up the tummy. When it comes to children, they love to have a variety of colorful foods that are  less spicy and have a great taste. Junior Kuppanna created an excellent special menu for the main course that includes kiddies Sweet Bun Dosa, kiddies Sweet Parotta, kiddies Muru Muru Parotta, kiddies Coin Parotta, kiddies Chilli Parotta, kiddies Phulka, kiddies Veg Fried Rice, kiddies Veg Noodles, kiddies Chicken Gravy, kiddies Creamy Chicken Gravy, kiddies Egg Fried Rice, kiddies Fried Rice, kiddies Fried Rice, Your children can enjoy these freshly prepared meals, and they can enjoy their day's food guilt-free.

When it comes to pasta, we know how your child reacts to it, as their love for it is never-ending. We are sure your kids will never say no to our yummy, creamy pasta. So to make your children enjoy the pasta, Junior Kuppanna gives you the best-ever pasta varieties named  Kiddies Creamy Veggie Penne Pasta and Kiddies Creamy Chicken Penne Pasta, assuring them that they will have a never-ending love for this deliciousness they are going to relish. 

Apart from that, Junior Kuppanna serves a fun meal where you can enjoy their delicious foods in a mixed variety. This includes any starter or main course of your choice along with a complimentary toy, and this fun meal is available in both non-vegetarian and vegetarian options.

Doesn't all of this sound fun and exciting? Enjoy this unique atmosphere with an exclusive play area for your kids, a dedicated library, toys, props, exciting weekly activities, and much more. Bring your junior to JK Juniors and have a fun-filled day.  We understand every parent's concern and love for their children, and to show respect for those feelings and emotions, Junior Kuppanna launched JK Juniors, Chennai's first kids' themed restaurant, to ensure you and your child have a peaceful and happy experience. 

To explore all the amenities and food varieties,

Start booking parties for your kids to make their day special, with costs starting at Rs. 10,000 for 20 kids.

Activities such as magic shows, balloon sculpting, pottery, nail art, and much more are available on demand. We know that every day is special to us because we always greet you with the same joy.

If you want to get a feel for this lovely, fun-filled place, reach out to the restaurant soon, enjoy the best time ever with your kids and family, and reach back to us with your reviews to help us improve so that we can make your experience even better.