Where your zodiac sign meets our signature dish!

Here are some must-try signature dishes from Junior Kuppanna that we recommend for each of your zodiac signs! 


Mutton Biriyani

junior kuppanna zodiac aries - mutton biryani
Your sign might belong to the goat aka ram family and you are someone who definitely stands out from the rest of the flock. Your brilliance hits strong while choosing what to eat. We heard your bleat and we have some of our best muttons! Begin with Aatukaal Soup before you relish the mains. Nothing can beat your delight when you taste our Mutton Biryani! We know you won't stop with only biriyani. So, better aim for the big shot- Mutton Nalli Gravy with parotta.
"You are Thalaivar's version of Vasi. Come saying, Vasi.. Meehhhh" 


jk zodiac sign taurains meets chicken 65 boneless
You reflect the bull! Oh we mean only the zodiac symbol. We have something superior for your eagerness and powerful nature. We discovered you are hard-headed so we recommend you take our Chicken 65 Boneless to unleash your strength. And then, pick the Kongu Chicken Curry since it goes well with any of our breads and rice items. We understand your cravings and see you racing towards our restaurant. Pace yourself because this isn't a bullfight. 
"Uyiru mukkiyam bigiluu (read as bull-u!!)"


jk zodiac sign gemini meets chicken lollipop

You aren't mini. You are playful and curious. So give yourself a Chicken Lollipop - which are juicy chicken winglet pieces coated in spicy batter, fried to a crispy golden outer texture for that crunch. Next, try out our Nool Parotta with any of our gravies. Since you are a curious player, taste a bit of all our side-dishes and let us know the experience. And hey, don’t come alone to eat!  

"Once a twin, always a twin". Bring your twin-partner-in-crime since you Geminis resemble the twins!


jk zodiac sign cancer meets coonoor chicken

Cancer is the one for the crab. Crabbing through traffic is not advisable, so pick a convenient time to drive to one of our restaurants and try grabbing the menu at ease. That's a happier state. And as a Cancerian, you love to nurture those around. The same way we toss the tender chicken pieces brought from the serene green hills of Coonoor, in our brown spicy paste and serve in a rich gravy fashion. 

Goes really well with our soft flaky parottas. So, what's that dish you ask? That's Coonoor Chicken for you!


jk zodiac leo meet chicken and mutton thala curry

You are sizzling as the burning sun and the roaring lion. But no, we aren't asking you to cool down. We need some vibrant supercharged people like you to resemble our signature dish! We have our succulent and juicy, Brain Fry roasted in aromatic Kongunadu spices for you! Anyway, the brain is the control centre so are you! The blazing hot fried brain goes well with parotta or biryani. We strongly recommend you try out all our Thala Curries, Chicken and Mutton Thala Curry since we treat Leos as the head of the animal kingdomf! 

Singam single ah dhaan varum, so bring your single buddies along! 



You resemble the scales. We mean the equipment that weighs. So, we are here to help you scale high after having a hearty meal at Junior Kuppanna. Also, we heard you are quite friendly. Follow the same with our dishes! Try out our signature style Kongu Chicken Gravy and Kovai Chicken Curry to weigh which district tastes better with Veechu Parotta, a multilayered, thin, made from melt-in-your-mouth perfect dough mix.

"Balance your life with great food from Junior Kuppanna everyday!"


jk zodiac sign scorpion meet prawn chukka

Pals are more discreet and close-mouthed at times, it seems! But not to us! We will let you open your mouth lavishly just by looking at our menu. Give it a try? Of course, Prawn Chukka to mix with the white rice and Prawn Masala, to value your spicy savours. Oh, you have eight legs! Get eight of our chicken starters since scorpions can't consume chickens in actual life! 

"Scorp out with our menu, come on!" 


jk zodiac sign Sagittarius meet bucket biryani

Guess we could never shoot out the menu to you since you already hold a bow and an arrow! You point to being passionate and smart. So, be smart to hold our signature dishes under one leaf. We would recommend bringing yourself the party bucket biryani with mutton that serves almost 10 persons with fully loaded quantities, dearest Sagi!  

"Load your quivers with some amazing signature dishes from our menu”


Resemble the horned goat. Seemingly you are ambitious and determined. Maybe, Mutton Murtabak needs you! The stuffing would rejoice in your taste buds since we have those exotic herbs and veggies! Choose Mutton Kaima, nicely minced mutton, a dry perfect pick for your starter or side. Pairs up deliciously with parottas.  

"Serve yourself with the grand mutton kari virundhu delight to cap out the richness!"


jk zodiac sign aqua meet chicken pallipalayam

Seem highly intellectual and advanced! Then you must advance with the flow of every new release. Don't worry, we will keep you updated. As of now, your symbol is a water bearer. Pour out the water so that we could fill it with some similar juicy dish. Surrender yourself to our Chicken Pallipalayam and Chicken Chukka, a classic chukka – JK style. It is a juicy spiced chicken, pan sauteed with flavours sealed in.

"Find a plenty on your plate with any of our platters" 



jk zodic sign pisces meet fish fry

You might be the final sign in the zodiac. But we won't let you be the last one to sit. You resemble the fish, right? Woah! We have three tasty fries, Fish Chukka, Vanjiram Fish Fry and Netthili Fish Fry. Taste all of them one after another. Our exceptional fish meals would sum up your fish cravings!

"Don't piece your food, Pisces; take it in full!"