T20 worldcup special Combo

The mouthwatering food and nail-biting T20 matches are the perfect match! This season, Junior Kuppanna has created special menus featuring meals inspired by the T20 cricket extravaganza in combination with a Guess and Win Program named "Cheer for India Box" via their Instagram handle. 

Every meal at Junior Kuppanna is the best it has to offer, with exceptional tastecrafted to make your evenings both fun and filling. The menu includesmouth-watering peri-peri chicken, crispy and tasty chicken 65, aromatic and authentic pallipalayam chicken, and the spiciest chicken chukka.

This combo package is created exclusively to watch T20 World Cup matches with JK's starters at a cost of Rs. 499 per box.

Also, Junior Kuppanna has created a special guess and win campaign on their Instagram account named "Cheer for India Box" in addition to this combo to enjoy this T20 cricket celebration with more prizes. Any person can participate and win this combo package, an Indian T20 World Cup jersey, and a Cheer for India badge as part of this newly created campaign, which aims to make this cricket season more special.

In order to take part in this game, Please tap and follow the Junior Kuppanna Instagram account, where they will post daily questions based on cricket matches. The winner will be chosen the very next day after the participants' answers have been  collected, and their Instagram account will be used to announce the winner.

So what’s next? Start following the Junior Kuppanna page and enjoy the combo and make this cricket season as an everlasting memory in your life.

You can order this combo via Zomato or Swiggy. It is also available for pre-order and delivery. Enjoy the snaking and cricketing festival with these combos and share your thoughts! Happy T20 Cricket Season to all of us