Purattasi to Parottasi - It’s Junior Kuppanna’s Festive Mode

With the "Parotta Festival" taking place in all of its outlets, Junior Kuppanna got
into the festive mood right away.

It's time to gorge on delicious parotta variants and finger-licking vegetable treats prepared by Junior Kuppanna's chefs. The founder and chairman of Junior Kuppanna, Mr. Murthy Kuppanna, who is behind such a Parotta Festival here, says that,

"No wonder in getting the best parotta in town at Junior Kuppanna with the scrumptious veg gravies that convert this boring purattasi into heavenly parottasi".

He added, “At Junior Kuppanna,there are several variations of parotta on the menu, including filled, kothu, Chinese, combination, and plain. These come in variants made of maida and atta. If your palate is conservative, parotta and curry pairings are good choices “.

According to me, you can never be a foodie if your heart doesn't override your
intellect. The majority of foods and drinks fall into this category. One of them is parotta, a flatbread prepared using maida or wheat flour.

In this holiday and festive season, Junior Kuppanna offers 25 varieties of parrotta in its menu,including Butter Parotta, Coin Parotta, Coin Sugar Parotta, Nool Parotta, Wheat Parotta, Cut Roti, Bun Parotta, Butter Bun Parotta, Ghee Parotta, Methi Parotta, Cheese Parotta, Paneer Parotta, Veechu Parotta, Veg Kothu Parotta, Garlic Parotta, Cheese Garlic Parotta in the Veg list and in the Non Veg list it includes Kizhi Parotta, Egg Veechu Parotta, Onion Egg Veechu Parotta, Egg Mottabbaq, Chicken Mottabbaq, Chicken Kothu Parotta and Esakki Parotta.


According to the chef, no other foods should be used as a comparison for parottas as it's an interesting new invention in the cooking world that mesmerized billions of hearts with its taste. Here at Junior Kuppanna, the chicken kothu parotta turns out to be a surprise. Other kothu variants come in vegetarian, egg, and chicken varieties.

Chicken kothu parotta is a mouthwatering delicacy made with maida parottas. They have been thinly cut, crisp-fried on a tawa, and thrown in a gravy known as Chalna" with eggs, chicken, and onions. Depending on the customer's preferences, eggs and chicken are added to the other kothu variants.

Then comes the veechu parotta, which has a traditional Indian design here. If you want a wide variety at JK, Parotta is available in ghee, wheat, butter, and maida varieties. These go well with vegetarian gravies like the pichu potta paneer and paneer gravy that Junior Kuppanna serves, as well as the mushroom pallipalayam, gobi 65, and mushroom gravy.

Do you want to simplify it?

Then choose a combo parotta based on your favorite, such as Veechu Parotta with peri peri mushroom, which would be a masterpiece for your taste buds, and you can try more based on your own preferences and order your own varieties from the menu.

The wheat parottas are a must-try here. The best thing in the overall menu was the simple methi parotta with pichu potta paneer gravy. Deliciously brown and crisp, layered with bits of methi, is the pleasure of simplicity.

Make this puratasi into parottasi with Junior Kuppanna and share it with your friends and family to show that parties can be a beast, even in puratasi with the Junior Kuppana feast.

This food festival is taking place in all the outlets of Junior Kuppanna for the whole month of October, and feel free to check in soon and grab the world’s best parotta for your refreshment before the month ends.

Happy Parottasi to you all !!