JK in Tuticourin

Pay attention, Tuticorin!

A new landmark is added to the pearl city. It’s none other than the launch of our new outlet from Junior Kuppanna at Tuticorin. This arrival of Junior Kuppanna, the region's masters of Kongu cuisine, will make the pearl city even more unique, as it's the first Kongu restaurant in the city.


Erode, a significant area of the previous Kongu Nadu, is where Junior Kuppanna, which was founded in 1960, is headquartered. Today, their restaurant business has a separate base all around South India, and their obvious choice to mark a new base this time is Tuticorin.

Think about the fresh fishing town with an excellent Kongu cuisine restaurant. We bet you that this is going to be amazing entertainment for the foodies, who are always fond of tasting different varieties of fish prepared in various styles for different cuisines. Tuticorin, popularly known for pearls and prawn farming, will now be known for the taste of Junior Kuppanna.

There is no fancy décor, and there is no pretentious furniture. However, it is a cozy location with decent lighting that is ideal for a family outing to taste the tastiest Kongu delicacies ever. The food served at Junior Kuppanna is authentic in flavor and prepared with home-made masalas that are mildly spicy but not dominant. It will strongly evoke memories of home-cooked food.

Known for its non-vegetarian delicacies, Junior Kuppanna's restaurant is best known for its chicken and mutton biriyani (made from seeraga samba rice), ,Kaima (ground meat), and chicken pallipalayam (dry curry). Have you ever thought of tasting 25 varieties of parotta at the same place? Whether it's the delicious coin parotta, the crispy and layered veechu parotta, or the iconic bun parotta, you can taste various varieties of parottas here. Junior Kuppanna's signature dishes from Kongu cuisine are more delicate and extensive.

 It is distinctive for its ease of preparation and nutritional benefits. Compared to other cuisines, less oil is utilized while cooking, and the aroma of the cooking style using coconut makes your taste buds water.

So try once to taste the best of Kongu cuisine to make the day of your life more special. Both two-wheeler and four-wheeler parking is available for a great, stress-free dining experience here. #sogoodsokongu is our new tagline to spread the taste of this most authentic, flavorful, and delicate kongu style all over the world.

And it’s time. Come soon. Grab the best signature dishes and all other non-vegetarian and veg delicacies. Being the pearl city famous for salt and pearls, now it’s time to be famous for the taste of Junior Kuppanna. Whether you are vegetarian or not, it’s our duty to make your taste buds go lip smacking again and again during your visits.

Welcome to our new outlet and enjoy your native fresh fish prepared in a unique style by the chefs of Junior Kuppanna. Comment on your la-la moment while lip smacking the flavors of it.

Ta-da….we are arriving soon.

Vaathi coming…whistle podu!!!
Junior Kuppanna coming….Thaalam podu!!!