Junior Kuppanna – Now open 24/7 at Nungambakkam, Chennai

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with a strong desire for a scrumptious plate of biriyani? We hear you screaming “Yes”. Just know that you are not alone. In our fast-paced lifestyle, late-night cravings are a common syndrome. Because hunger knows no time. 

Nungambakkam 24/7

Be at ease. Junior Kuppanna, Nungambakkam can satiate your appetite, no matter what time of day it is.  Nungambakkam with its splendid amenities is known to be one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Chennai. Junior Kuppanna’s presence just adds to its charm with its delectable range of menus and an inviting ambience.

Junior Kuppanna Kebabs

As Junior Kuppanna, Nungambakkam is now open all night, your cravings need not be limited to just biriyani. You can now indulge in your other favorite dishes ranging from finger-licking kebabs to hot kari dosa at any moment your hunger strikes at our Nungambakkam outlet.

Junior Kuppanna 24/7 @ Nungambakkam – More than late-night eats.

Apart from satisfying your late-night cravings, Junior Kuppanna’s Nungambakkam outlet which is open all night long offers more advantages that you can benefit from.  

Junior Kuppanna Nungambakkam 24/7

A lifesaver for those with unconventional schedules

Not every person is a multi-tasker. When you work for long hours and you are back home exhausted, meal prep feels like a task. Also, if you are a night owl who stays up all night to read or binge, or if you have an unexpected guest showing up in the late hours, Junior Kuppanna has got your back. You can rely on Junior Kuppanna in Nungambakkam any time to get your hands on your meal for the day.

A perfect opportunity for quality time with your beloved

Taking a break from your monotonous life to spend quality time with your family or your bunch of crazy friends can be challenging. However, calling up your friends and family to meet for a late-night dinner on a weekend can be more fun and make your experience more enjoyable.

If your loved ones are too hesitant to dress up and join you, worry not. At Nungambakkam, Junior Kuppanna provides car dine-in service. Hence, you and your tribe can be relaxed and savor your favorite dishes with your pajamas on. No dress-up game is required.

Experience the thrill of round-the-clock dining

Nungambakkam 24/7

If you are a food enthusiast who loves to explore new dining experiences, why settle for the same old dining routine?  Junior Kuppanna @ Nungambakkam welcomes you. You will be thrilled to explore familiar flavors in a new way. The late-night atmosphere is sure to add an element of excitement (especially when your significant other joins). You will be amazed by the warm ambience, the friendly staff, and of course the tantalizing presentation of authentic food and desserts.

No Compromises in Your Comfort.

Don’t let your cravings go ignored even when you are too tired or lazy to get out of your home. Whether you are craving an appetizing chicken kotthu parotta or mutton thalacurry or a yummy biriyani, Junior Kuppana’s convenient delivery service makes it easy to satiate your hunger from the comfort of your couch. So why wait? Order now or later and enjoy the round-the-clock convenience provided by Junior Kuppanna.