Junior Mess Idhu Namma Bench Kadai

Junior Mess - The epitome of olden days' Kongu Mess

What’s The Big New (s) ?:
The brand new “Junior Mess” is a theme based launch of the popular brand “Junior Kuppanna”. Here, the South Indian cuisine, specifically the Kongu Cuisine will be served in a mess-themed set up.

Junior Mess

Find out about the founders!:
Junior Kuppanna, founded by Thiru Kuppusamy and Thirumathi Rukmini in 1960, has been serving its customers like family relatives, with recipes to their dishes experimented and perfected right from their own kitchen. The famous and favourite “Pallipalayam chicken” was invented by them.

Can you imagine?:
Can you believe having such curated special dishes in the native style set up, - a Bench Kadai? Junior Kuppanna is launching Junior Mess to provide us a native dining experience in a retro themed set up with its own native and authentic Kongu food.

Our Retro only in a dream?:
We were only able to watch the retro days in movies or in retro rounds of television shows. We may have seen mess style outlets around but we may have to compromise greatly on the quality and hygiene of food if we dine there.
What could we do to understand how our previous generations experienced and what really satisfied them? Have we not heard them say, “our life was simple, but fulfilling “? Let us find out with the help of Junior Kuppanna’s Junior Mess. What if we tell you that you could get the best quality Kongu Cuisine with the experience of the good, old days, where hot food will be served on clean banana leaves? Parottas, idlis and different types of dosas quickly transferred to your plate, sorry, “Leaf” with irresistible gravies. – how does it sound?

Dreams do come true!:
Junior Mess is being launched by Junior Kuppanna to give us this rich experience of simple yet fulfilling moments with food. Long Benches, mess kadai set up, sumptuous food cooked with readily prepared spices and masalas, all at affordable prices! Let’s live many episodes of this retro life with our family and friends at our Junior Mess.

Junior Mess Interior

Sooda oru parotta, seekram adutha parotta”. Does it sound like the parotta eating competitions in movies? Who wouldn't win if the parottas were as soft as the ones served at Junior Mess? Pour the kolambu on the parotta, soak it, and eat it like a piece of, no no, like a bite of cake. Oooh, So good, So Kongu! We can already hear you saying that!

Suda suda (piping hot) biryani with the seeraga samba rice will not only take us to the Kongu belt in no time, but also time travel to the retro days.

Junior Kuppanna Mess

These days, we try different types of fine dining experiences. For fine dining experiences, we would have visited star hotels with an expensive menu and formal hospitality. For casual dining, we would have tried the dhabhas for an experience of the highway dhabas in Punjab and Haryana, tea kadais, food trucks, and whatnot? But the real Kongu-belt Mess style experience has been missing ever since. The Junior Mess will fill the void and make us experience the Kongu Naadu within its premises.

What’s so special about the Kongu Cuisine?:
All of us try different cuisines from time to time. But if we go to the Kongu belt and ask the localites, they would say that they have tried other cuisines but would hardly try them again because nothing else satisfies them as much as what we proudly coin as the “Kongu food” and it never gets boring. Everyone who has tried the Kongu Cuisine would tell how light they feel even after a hearty meal. And this is the cuisine that is the trademark of the Junior Kuppanna brand.

The food at Junior Mess is a synonym of the Kongu Cuisine:
Food at Junior Mess would be like a meal that used to be cooked in a traditional Kongunaadu home by an Amma who would have been a specialist at cooking, in the olden days. The food cooked in those days had authentic tastes of their ingredients as the process of preparing the spices, blending the masalas, and cooking on firewood stoves, all of these were also traditional practices. Junior Mess brings to us such an authentic taste and makes us feel the olden days, not only by the taste of the food, but also with the ambience.

The Mooligai (medicinal) spices:
The basic local spices, each of which carry great medicinal value and are also easy to digest are carefully chosen and added to mouth watering dishes in the Junior Mess and served to you with the Kongu style hospitality.

To give you a sneak peek, the Junior Kuppanna brand’s signature dish “Pallipalayam chicken “ is made with the fewest of best handpicked ingredients and also without any oil. This healthy and tasty preparation is famous worldwide across different cultures. As we say in Tamil, “oru paanai sotrukku oru soru padham” (the English equivalent proverb to this Tamil proverb is “if you have seen one, you have seen them all”), this is an ideal example of the food prepared with utmost care by our Kongu Naadu hosts at Junior Mess.

Paarambariyam (Tradition):
We finally have an opportunity to live the healthy lifestyle of our great grandfathers and great grandmothers just the way they dined in their rocking retro fashion. Age-old methods are what we proudly call tradition (paarambaryam). The traditional Kongu food that our grandfathers and grandmothers flaunted about is brought to us authentically by the Junior Mess. Biryanis, super soft idlis, different types of parottas, kothu parottas, dosas, meals, chukkas and few more special Kongu preparations from the Kongu mess will linger on our taste buds while our mind would have experienced a typical bench kadai dining experience with food transferred to our serving banana leaf super fresh from the fire, where we will be given personal care and prompt service.

Time travel to the Rocking Retro period at Namma Bench Kadai:
Welcome to the Junior Mess that we would dearly call “Idhu Namma Bench Kadai” for an authentic retro days mess-style dining experience. Refer to our limited menu on the “Saapaadu ready” board, and order your favourite Kongu Cuisine dishes at affordable prices from the long benches of our Kadai (shop). Time travel during your dining time in the midst of our busy, fancy, technologically-hurrying lives!

The Junior Mess – Idhu Namma Bench Kadai, is the time travel shuttle launched by the Junior Kuppanna to travel to the retro days of the Kongu Naadu. Hop on with your friends and family for an unforgettable ride for your tastebuds.

We are located in Mylapore, Chennai.

Junior Mess

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