Madras Talkies’ Ponniyin Selvan 2 and Junior Kuppanna team up for the big food battle

We at Junior Kuppanna proudly announce our collaboration with Ponniyin Selvan 2 (PS2). PS2 is the part 2 of the great Ponniyin Selvan novel in the eyes of our beloved director Maniratnam. The cast and crew has been very aptly chosen by director Maniratnam that it matches our vision of the Ponniyin Selvan characters so perfectly. This movie sequel is a precious gem added to the crown of Madras Talkies. It is indeed a big honour for Junior Kuppanna to be associated with this magnificent team of Madras Talkies' Ponniyin Selvan 2.  We are proudly presenting to you the "PS2 Raja Virundhu" to celebrate Junior Kuppanna joining hands with Madras Talkies' Ponniyin Selvan 2.

PS2 raja kari virundhu lunch and dinner

Our Royal Heritage

Let us all join together and celebrate the PS2 season with the PS2 Raja Virundhu that will be So Good, So Kongu, and So Royal. As we treasure this historical masterpiece PS2 from Madras Talkies, let us experience our age-old Kongu cuisine in a royal manner.

PS2 Raja Virundhu Lunch at Rs. 649/- only.

Junior Kuppanna Raja Kari Virundhu

In the PS2 Raja Virundhu Lunch, you will be served

  1. Mutton Gravy
  2. Chicken Gravy
  3. Fish Gravy
  4. Egg Masala
  5. Chicken Leg Roast
  6. Prawn Chukka
  7. Mutton Chukka
  8. Mutton Kola Urundai (2 Pcs)
  9. Chicken Biriyani
  10. Chapathi
  11. White Rice
  12. Papad
  13. Poriyal
  14. Kootu
  15. Rasam
  16. Curd
  17. Payasam
  18. Kesari

PS2 Raja Virundhu Dinner at Rs. 349/- only.

Junior Kuppanna Unlimited Dinner

The PS2 Raja Virundhu Dinner will be served with

  1. Chettinad Chicken Gravy
  2. Two Varieties of Chutneys
  3. Unlimited Dosa
  4. Unlimited Idli
  5. Unlimited Parotta

You could pay Rs. 50/- extra to get Egg Dosas.

You could pay Rs 100/- extra to convert Chettinad Chicken Gravy to Chettinad Mutton Gravy.

Traditional Recipes

Our PS2 Raja Virundhu dishes include the favorites of Vandhiyathevan, Kundhavai Devi, Aditha Karikalan, Arulmozhi Varman, Azhvarkadiyan Nambi and Poonguzhali as our So Kongu dishes are so old in tradition and are still ruling over the taste buds of a large number of people all over the world. The spices we use in our Kongu cuisine at Junior Kuppanna are what our ancestors have been using for cooking ever since.

In our PS2 Raja Virundhu, the Fish Curry and Prawn Chukka that will be served for you taste like the fish and prawn recipes of Poonguzhali.  You will fall in love with our Chicken Gravy, Chicken Leg Roast and Egg Masala just like how Vandhiyathevan falls in love with every other woman he meets. Our Mutton Kola Urundai is simple looking, yet rich, perfect and unmatchable like Kundhavai Devi. Mutton Gravy and Mutton Chukka are cooked with many secret ingredients just as the astonishing beauty Nandhini Devi has hidden vengeance and plans. Chapathi, White Rice, Papad, Kootu, Poriyal, Rasam, Curd, Payasam and Kesari are a big list of very comforting dishes like the big list questions of Azhvarkadiyan Nambi asks to keep spying. Chicken Biryani is the hero of all the special dishes just as our Ponniyin Selvan, Arulmozhi Varman is the hero of the story. The unlimited options in the PS2 Raja Virundhu Dinner compare to the great number of battles fought by Aditha Karikalan

Let the PS2 Raja Virundhu begin!

Junior Kuppanna is celebrating our partnership with Madras Talkies' PS2. We know that PS2 fans love our Kongu food. So come over to Junior Kuppanna with friends and family for the Royal Kongu Lunch and Dinner, the “PS2 Raja Virundhu “. Be our Royal Guests.