Highlighting Some of the Healthy Dishes of Junior Kuppanna

Junior Kuppanna (JK) has been the best restaurant in Tamilnadu serving your taste buds with authentic Kongu cuisines for more than six decades – but most of them might not have realized like the sun concealed inside the clouds all of the dishes as abundant from in health perspective too!

As we have elsewhere expounded the hygiene and perfected ingredients of the Junior Kuppanna’s kitchen, in the following lines we will give highlights of plentiful health benefits of a few dishes from our large menu of ours:


 One of the native dishes of South India and a very popular and regular breakfast item. It is made from rice, and usually taken with coconut chutney and sambar; but nonveg sides are also not unknown and at Junior Kuppanna (JK) you can try them Chicken gravy, Mutton Nali, etc. Idli is low in carbs because it is prepared by steaming the batter. This process breaks down the starch which makes it easy for the body to digest.


Aatukaal Paya

Aatukaal Paya, which literally means Goat leg stew, is widely consumed as soup and matches perfectly with JK’s Idiyappam, Bun Parrota – you can try out them at Order Online. It is minimally cooked and loaded with spices like pepper, turmeric, cumin, etc. thereby high immunity-boosting properties to help in fighting sickness and served hot with tender pieces of goat leg.


Peri Peri Paneer

The Indian traditional cheese, Paneer and this milk product is the core of this dish. JK’s Peri-Peri Paneer is made from the fresh and finest paneer cubes, which are slowly cooked in our special ingredients that make it tasty and healthy. Paneer being high in calcium is the best for giving your bones the right strength.


Chicken Pallipalayam:

A signature dish of Junior Kuppanna, at its own heritage is explained separately here. It is prepared from juicy pieces of chicken stir-fried with red chilies and a hint of coconut for the perfect balance. Pair it with some delicious biryani or steaming hot Parotta. This nil use of oil makes it a rare fat & cholesterol-free nonveg dish and the abundant red chilies are a rich source of vitamin C.


Vanjaram Fry:

One of tastiest fish of Tamilnadu, and at JK it is marinated with our own special masala and roasted to perfection – and the Seer fish contains the omega 3 fatty acids and our ingredients are filled with herbs and spices giving a grand and healthy dish, it goes well with Meals, Dosa, and can even take separately as a snack!  

The above mentioned are just a few highlights of the healthy dishes from Junior Kuppanna (JK) and enjoy and stay healthy by dining in at our nearby outlet and make your tech-savvy life more health-conscious by ordering online at Kuppanna.com