10 Biryani Scenes for Movies

1. Biriyani (2013)
This Venkat Prabhu movie carries the dish in the title itself, and also becomes crucial to the story as the hero and his friends go in search of an authentic traditional biriyani leads them to a murder plot, and did they manage to get away forms the rest of the tale. But you people need not take that much risk you can just Order Online

2. Kadaseela Biryani (2021)
This is a grim peculiar venture in Kollywood, where brothers go to avenge their father, but gets caught with a psychotic antagonist; but in spite of going through a hell hole – he gets solace in Biryani!

3. Bachelor (2021)
The film will feature an amazing scene in which bachelor roomies prepare a perfect biryani!

4. Run (Vivek comedy scene)
The infamous 5 rupee biriyani scene – in which a street vendor tricks Vivek and gives him a crow biriyani as Chicken biryani and his voice changes after consuming it, and further giving us some laugh riot.

5. KD Engira Karuppudurai
A unique award-winning film that narrates a tale of an elderly man discovering life through a chirpy child – the old man's got some appetite for biryani

6. Kaithi
This is one of the major box offices and critical successes of that year – no one can forget that awe BGM where Karthi-character walks and self serves Biryani; it still gives Goosebumps and shows how much craving this dish can create in us!

7. Jeeraga Biryani (Song)
An amazing romantic number, the movie itself is made in a duplex model and this song in which the hero tries to impress the girl with a regular visit to her biryani shop and the peppy music will make you feel the aroma of Jerraga Biryani.  

8. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
This is a comedy scene where SRK takes an alter ego avatar to impress his own wife and the challenge of eating Golgappa and Biryani eating challenge.

9. All in all Azhagu raja
Another comedy scene in which the comedian character is so devoted to the Biryani dish – he chooses it as his profession to become aide for his favorite biryani maker

10. Arul
A hilarious scene in which Jyothika, a vegetarian but gets caught by the hero for being a secret Biryani addict!