Junior Kuppanna’s Daily Breakfast Specials

Breakfast is one of the essential and crucial meal we all mustn't miss, as it is the first input we give it our body and mind – to begin the day. It should be good a source of energy & nutrients and also rich to give us a bright start, and Junior Kuppanna has the perfect menu to make your mornings more magical, here is our special breakfast dish list:




Monday - Kal Dosa & Madurai Mutton Curry

Launch your Monday with a thick spongy Kal Dosa, which comes with an energetic spice marinated by Madurai Mutton Curry.


Tuesday - Idiyappam & Kovai Chicken Curry

Making your Tuesdays tastier, get the zing of desi version of noodle the Idiyappam that is served with an authentic Kongu Kovai Chicken Curry.

Wednesday - Idli & Fish Curry

Your Wednesday becomes a winner’s day with fluffy soft white Idlis that gets healthier with superb Fish Curry.


Thursday - Parotta & Kongu Chicken Curry

Feel the thundering Thursday with JK’s crispy Parottas breaking away into your mouths along with Kongu Chicken Curry – a traditional Kongu dish!


Friday - Egg Dosa & Chicken Pepper Curry

Feeling free Fridays as the weekend is near and you can relish Dosa with fleshy egg toppings and a vigor side dish of Chicken Pepper Curry.

Saturday - Bun Parotta & Aatukaal Paaya

Chill Saturdays with comfy soft Bun Parottas, which shall be taken by soaking them in the grand Aatukaal Paaya that is loaded with spices and mutton marrow.



Sunday Special - Breakfast & Brunch Special Spread

Celebrate your Sundays with JK’s special menu, a custom-made combo that will be the perfect powerhouse for your weekend party!

So here is the all-round the week non-veg breakfast list from the best non-veg restaurant in the town and begin your day with a walk-in to any of our outlets; even if you lack time in your tight morning schedule you can always energize and start your day by ordering your breakfast online at Kuppanna.com