Sunday Fun Day at Junior Kuppanna

You say “Sundays are for flavorful food and fabulous entertainment” and we say “Sundayna Kuppanna”. Sundays are synonymous with Family, Friends, Food, Fun and Relaxation. However, for many of us, the same old Sunday routine can become boring or the thought of cooking and cleaning can feel tiresome. Acknowledging our customers’ concerns, Junior Kuppanna is on the mission of
redefining the meaning of “Sunday Fun Day”.

Excited to explore what is in store for you?

Visit our Junior Kuppanna outlets in Nungambakkam, Anna Nagar, Alwarpet, Velachery Pammal and ECR. Put your Sunday blues to rest and head over to Junior Kuppanna with your loved ones. At Junior Kuppanna, we have made it our mission to turn your Sundays into exciting adventures with not just mouth-watering non-veg spread but also exciting
games and fun-filled activities.


Phenomenal Food & Plenty of Fun

At Junior Kuppanna, we acknowledge that Sundays are all about celebrating the simple joys of life. Having fun with family and friends, savouring delicious food and unwinding from your stressful routine makes a perfect Sunday. Junior Kuppanna has become the one-stop destination to make all these happen effortlessly.

No more boring Sundays and no more worries about cooking hassles.
Junior Kuppanna outlets which include Nungambakkam, Velachery, Alwarpet, ECR, Pammal & Anna Nagar (on Sundays) are not just about serving you scrumptious non-veg delights but also creating an incredible atmosphere where you can relax, relish delicious food and indulge in fun activities with your family and friends.

Making your Sundays Merrier

Just imagine this: At Junior Kuppanna, you and your loved ones are seated at a table, savouring our scrumptious soups, relishing our delectable dishes, sharing your stories and laughing your hearts out. That’s just the basic fun that our customers would experience every time they visit Junior Kuppanna. Yet, we are not content with offering our beloved customers just the basics. At Junior
Kuppanna, we are up to amplify your Sunday dining experience with an array of exciting fun activities.

Junior Kuppanna extends its warm hands and open hearts to invite you to leave your worries back at home. Join us for a Sunday filled with phenomenal food and unlimited fun. Junior Kuppanna’s menu takes you on an exciting flavorful journey ensuring that it satiates every palate. There is no doubt about it. Now, our outlets in Nungambakkam, Anna Nagar, Velachery, Alwarpet, ECR, and Pammal are designed to be the ultimate destination for all things tantalizing and entertaining too.

Feast on Variety – Food vs Fun

From serving Pallipalayam Chicken to Mutton Chukka to Peri Peri Paneer, Junior Kuppanna boasts a diverse menu. Our commitment to delight our customers goes beyond serving a diverse menu. We believe that creating a memorable dining experience is more important than just serving a variety of dishes. Every Sunday at our different outlets located in Nungambakkam, Alwarpet, ECR, Velachery and Pammal, our team is set to conduct exciting fun activities for our customers to engage with. 

Junior Kuppanna takes pride in crafting a variety of dishes but also curating a variety of fun activities for our beloved customers. Whether you are longing for a relaxed Sunday afternoon or laid-back evening, Junior Kuppanna is where you find all things aligning for you to make it a perfect Sunday. From an interesting range of games to bring out your inner child to live performances to soothe your heart and soul, Junior Kuppanna has something for every family member to enjoy.

The diverse list of fun activities include

Live Music – Imagine soothing melodies creating a heart-warming ambience for you to escape from your everyday grind and enjoy your Sunday dining experience. Good music accompanied by good food will be a therapeutic experience for you.

Parrot predictions

Alongside the magical charm of Junior Kuppanna’s Madurai Mutton Biryani, let
us add some splash of mystique to your day. Watch our parrots making some surprising life predictions for you.

Jk Selfie

360-degree Video booth

Elevating your experience to a whole new level. At Junior Kuppanna, every moment is a masterpiece which required to be captured. Get your unforgettable moments with your family and friends from every angle. Own the spotlight and strike your poses with celebrity–like charisma.

Magic shows

Be prepared to be mesmerized by enchanting magic shows that will leave you in awe. Your kids are sure to be amazed as well.

Balloon Sculpting

Watch our talented team of artists perform balloon sculpting that results in
fantastic creations that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Ring Toss & Balloon shooting

To add a playful touch to your Sunday dining experience, Junior Kuppanna brings you beach game vibes while you are having a blast with your friends and family. Let your inner child come out and bask in pure enjoyment.

Live Counters

Get to interact with our skilled chefs over live food counters. Also, you can have a
glimpse of what goes behind the crafting of the delicious dishes that we bring to your table. You can enjoy the experience of getting your personalized dishes done the way you like it. 

Fun Dining Guaranteed

At Junior Kuppanna, we believe in making your Sundays not just delicious but entertaining too. The fun activities are designed to add an enjoyable dimension to your dining experience. We assure you that every visit to Junior Kuppanna on Sundays ensures a fresh adventure and we are thrilled for you to join in the delightful food and fun experience. Indulge in all one Sunday gala experience at Junior Kuppanna. Because, it is where family, food and fun effortlessly come together to make your heart and tummy filled with marvellous memories.