25 varieties of Sea Food at Junior Kuppanna

25 Varieties of Sea food

From Sea to Plate – A Culinary Date

If you are a seafood enthusiast who finds it hard to resist your craving for seafood, Junior Kuppanna, the prominent non-vegetarian restaurant chain is your ultimate culinary haven. Having made it as our mission to cater to your seafood cravings, Junior Kuppanna is now an exclusive seafood speciality restaurant at ECR.
At Junior Kuppanna (ECR), we believe that the best way to your heart is through good Seafood. If infusing the age-old kongu style cooking into seafood is an art, Junior Kuppanna at ECR is Picasso.

This amazing fusion creates an exceptional culinary experience that is sure to delight seafood enthusiasts. Come over to celebrate the rich heritage of Kongu cuisine along with the freshness of the sea.

Dive into the Seafood Symphony – A Wave of 25+ Delectable Varieties

At Junior Kuppanna, we take pride in crafting exquisite seafood dishes that excite your flavour profile like never before. Our chefs master the art of blending the distinctive Kongu culinary tradition into seafood to bring out the extraordinary.
Junior Kuppanna’s menu is a treasure trove of Sea Food delights consisting of 25+ varieties of mouth-watering seafood. From Succulent Fish Curry, and soul-soothing Nandu Rasam to finger-licking Prawns, Junior Kuppanna’s seafood extravaganza assures an adventure for your taste buds like no other.

Appetizers oda Aarambikalangala??

Fish Meals


Meen Poriyal


Nandu Fry


Fish Fingers


Among the irresistible lineup of seafood awaiting you at Junior Kuppanna,ECR, appetizers always have their own significance. The delectable options of seafood starters include fantastic Fish Fry, Flavorful Meen Polichadhu, phenomenal Prawns Omelette, marvellous Madras Prawns, Banana Leaf Fish, Scrumptious Squid 65 and the list goes on and on. 



Banana Leaf Fish






Join us to indulge in the pure joy of savouring the succulent goodness of Crab Legs. Sit back to slurp the delightfulness of Garlic Prawns. Ensure not to miss out on our absolute must-tries – Vela Meen Toast and Nethili Fry. Looking for something crunchy munchy? Prawns Moru Moru is the perfect pick
for you. What sets our seafood delights apart is the incorporation of Kongu cuisine’s flavours.

Vanjram Fry

Tempting Gravies Await you

The list of gravies which includes Ayla, Vanjaram , Prawn gravy and Crab masala has something for every palate. Be ready to savour each and relish in the flavours of underwater awesomeness. Enjoy a comforting and satisfying meal as our Fish meals and Prawn Choru take centre stage to amaze your tummy. We at Junior Kuppanna, ECR put our heart and soul into each dish, ensuring that the foodie soul in you experiences pure bliss with every bite.

Make marvellous sea-food memories

Whether it’s a special lunch date with your loved one or a causal long drive with your friends and family, remember that Junior Kuppanna at ECR is always here to satiate your cravings and hunger.

Our cosy ambience warmly welcomes you and makes you feel at home every time you visit us. We ensure that your visit to Junior Kuppanna at ECR is not just about savouring dishes but about creating scrumptious seafood stories that become a memorable part of your culinary experiences for your lifetime.

If you are shell-fish (read it selfish) today about your cravings, come over to Junior Kuppanna, ECR and indulge in the best of the sea’s offerings where delicious cuisine and your deepest cravings meet.