Something FISHY at Junior Kuppanna, ECR

Junior Kuppanna (ECR) is Now a Sea-Food Speciality Restaurant

Today’s Catch, Served Fresh Every Day Ahoy there, seafood enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for a culinary voyage that feels like a flavour party in your mouth. Guess what? It is none other than Junior Kuppanna, South India’s prominent nonvegetarian restaurant is spicing things up just like it always does. Presenting a range of fresh and clean seafood delights that range from fresh prawns to fish to crabs and squids, Junior Kuppanna’s brand-new sea food menu available exclusively at our ECR outlet is causing a sea food sensation in the city.

Junior Kuppanna Neelankarai ECR Restaurant

Junior Kuppanna which now has become a sea food speciality restaurant is a haven for sea food lovers like you who just can’t resist their cravings. It’s a spectacular culinary adventure that you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on.

We are so “Meen” at ECR

Any sea food lover knows the pure joy of gobbling up varieties of seafood all at once. At Junior Kuppanna which is located in ECR, Chennai, we completely understand how impossible it is to resist eating these delicacies freshly sourced from the ocean. It is like they have a magical power over our taste buds. Hence, Junior Kuppanna is making waves in the seafood game at ECR. With an exclusive menu for seafood delights, Junior Kuppanna promises to take you on a rollercoaster of flavours.

Under-Water Awesomeness on Your Plate

Nothing feels as good as seafood serenading your taste buds. As Junior Kuppanna unveiling its seafood avatar at our ECR outlet, come over and indulge in the seafood extravaganza. Get ready to dive into our stupendous range of seafood starters. To name a few, Fish Chukka, Nethili Fry, Meen Polichadhu and Crab Pepper Fry are too yummy for your tummy.

Fish Meals


Meen Poriyal


Nandu Fry


Fish Fingers


Join us to experience the sheer bliss of cracking open the crab legs and savouring the succulent essence. Brace yourself to slurp our juiciest garlic prawns that burst with flavour. And oh boy, don’t you dare miss out on our Vela Meen Toast and Nethili Fry. Who knows, it might just be the most delicious explosion you have ever experienced. Junior Kuppanna is known for adding its unique touch to make dishes even more delicious. Madras Prawns represents our very own Madras’ culinary artistry and it does bring some nostalgia too.



Banana Leaf Fish






Craving for a crunchy delight?? Prawns Moru Moru is the right choice as it is a harmonious blend of texture. Crispy on the outside. Tender on the inside. Savour the seafood feast at Junior Kuppanna and may you feel like you’re taking a trip to the coast with every bite. Our Squid 65 is a must-try. Marinated in a tantalizing blend of spices, the squid bytes are fried to a perfect crispiness.

Not Just a Meal - A Maritime Adventure

As we mentioned seafood extravaganza, we absolutely mean it. We don’t want your cravings limited to the starters. Our goal is to ensure that your dining experience is filled with incredible flavors of the sea right from the start to the end. Junior Kuppanna’s sea-food exclusive menu offers not only delectable appetizers but also the most aromatic and authentic gravies and satisfying meal options
too. Adding to your cravings, now let us take you through an imaginary culinary experience that will tantalize your senses even more.

Vanjram Fry

Vanjaram.. Nirandharam!!!

Imagine savouring Vanjaram Fish Gravy with hot steamed rice at Junior Kuppanna, ECR. The Vanjaram fish cooked to perfection, is immersed in a luscious gravy which is a blend of our own magical secret masalas. (Yay..we got you drooling.) At Junior Kuppanna, we know people’s choices differ. Hence, our menu has authentic Ayla Fish Gravy too. No doubt that it is a medley of flavors –tangy, spicy and soul-satisfying.

Ayila Fish


With too many options to try out, it is not going to be a regular meal experience but an exploration of flavors that have been cherished for years. So dear fish fanatic, don’t just take our word for it. It is time to dive into the sea of flavors and experience the culinary miracle for yourself

Worry Not as Our Classics Are Here to Stay

From fragrant and high-quality spices to fresh meat, every dish at our restaurant tells a story of tradition and taste. Even though we have launched an amazing seafood menu at Junior Kuppanna , ECR, we have not forgotten about our range of classic non-vegetarian dishes. You can still come over to relish Junior Kuppannas' signature dishes that have won over your hearts for years. Regarding our classic non-vegetarian delights, you are already familiar with the fact that each bite is like a symphony of flavours. Right from Pallipalayam Chicken and Madurai Mutton Biriyani to Picchu Potta Nattu Kozhi and many more classics, everything is still right here, waiting for you to savour.

You are invited to the Fin-tastic Party at Junior Kuppanna, ECR

party order sea food

At Junior Kuppanna, ECR, the flavours of coastal delicacies will deepen your love for seafood. If you are the one who craves for authentic coastal delicacies or just starting to explore the same, Junior Kuppanna will be the ideal choice of dining destination. So come on in and be a part of the sea-side party. By taking on this tantalizing seafood adventure, you are not just treating your seafood fanatic in you, but also you are giving your taste buds the quality time that they deserve. We assure that your love for sea food will find its home at Junior Kuppanna , ECR. So get ready to dive in with your beloved and have a seafood feast at Junior Kuppanna, ECR and let your taste buds groove to the tune of
vaala meenukum velangu meenukum kalyaanam