JK Purattasi Special

purattasi special


Make Peace with your Purattasi Non-Veg Cravings

Craving for non-veg dishes during Purattasi? No problem! Indulge in Junior Kuppanna’s Purattasi Special Veg Menu that mimics the taste of non-veg delights. You know missing non-vegetarian can feel as difficult as missing your best pals. The fondness for non-vegetarian dishes can be incredibly intense.

This auspicious month of Purattasi holds a special place in our Tamil culture and many of us observe only-vegetarian fasting for religious reasons. It is understandable how challenging that can be for hard-core non-veg enthusiasts. Those cravings are real. But worry not. At Junior Kuppanna, we have got an incredible treat in-store which will guarantee that you never miss non-vegetarian dishes especially when it is required to follow such dietary limitations for unavoidable reasons.

FOMO on Non-Veg? No More!!

Sometimes, the thought of indulging in your favourite non-veg meals can stir up a strong emotion in you as if you have lost a part of yourselves. Especially in the month of Purattasi, the longing for those irresistible flavors becomes real. Junior Kuppanna’s mouth-watering veg menu is here to delight you with a range of pure veggie treats that satiate your non-veg cravings with a non-compromising taste.

Kongu cuisine is known for its rich blend of spices and flavors. We, at Junior Kuppanna are always on a mission to take the flavors to the next level. Just like our authentic Kongu non-veg dishes, our veg dishes are equally flavorful with Junior Kuppanna’s secret blend of proprietary masala, featuring fresh and authentic spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and other herbs. We aim to prove that vegetarian dishes can taste as interesting and delicious to those who would like to enjoy a wide range of flavors in vegetarian dishes.

Purattasi Delights; A Flavour-Packed Ride

This Purattasi month, we are not letting down our customers who are missing non-veg dishes. At Junior Kuppanna, driven by our passion to cook authentic dishes and our culinary expertise, we have curated a Purattasi special veg menu and we ensure our vegetarian dishes can compete with even our most delectable non-vegetarian dishes.


The Paneer & Mushroom Supremacy: Satiating Your Non-Veg Cravings

This Purattasi, Mushroom dishes are going to rule your plate as Mutton and Panneer and gobi are taking centre stage as Chicken. At Junior Kuppanna, with our Purattasi Special Menu, Junior Kuppanna has been delivering a mouth-watering twist to your taste buds that you never want to miss.

Our Purattasi Special menu will not disappoint you. This Purattasi month, while keeping your love for chicken alive, let us serve you incredible Paneer dishes to savour. Craving some Picchu Pota Naatukozhi? Don’t worry. Picchu Pota Paneer is here to save the day. If you are a tandoori fanatic, say hello to our magical Paneer Tikka, the crowd’s favourite. Those paneer cubes are given a flavorful spice bath, grilled to smoky perfection and will be served to you with a zesty dip.

Missing your beloved Chicken 65? Chill. You are in for a delicious surprise with our phenomenal Paneer 65 & Gobi 65. Perfectly seasoned and fried to a fantastic crunch, Junior Kuppanna’s Paneer & Gobi 65 will set your tastebuds on a dance floor. Looking for more variety in Paneer? Try our tender and tasty delights Japan Paneer, Peri Peri Paneer, Chilly Paneer and more.

We acknowledge that biryani enthusiasts like you are longing for the classic Seeraga Samba Mutton Biryani. With this revamped Purattasi Menu, Junior Kuppanna has brought a delicious twist to amaze your heart and tummy. We have successfully carved Mushroom Biryani as an ideal alternative to mutton biryani. Junior Kuppanna’s Purattasi Special Mushroom Biryani makes a delightful choice for vegetarian enthusiasts and for people looking for an alternative to meat-based biryani as well.

Order for the sizzling Mushroom Manchurian where juicy mushrooms are perfectly crispy and coated in a tantalizing sauce. Each bite is a phenomenal blend of textures and flavors. At Junior Kuppanna, Chicken Pallipalayam is a super-duper hit dish familiar for its bold and spicy flavour. And now we have successfully recreated the same magic with Mushroom Pallipalayam without any compromise in the quality of the taste. So be prepared to indulge in this tasty delight that will have you coming back for more.


Our Parottas & Gravies - Match Made in Heaven

How could one forego the delightful experience of savouring Parottas soaked in flavorful & spicy salna?

Parottas and Gravies in South Indian cuisine are not just about the flavors but about the experience too. When you visit Junior Kuppanna, you absolutely can’t miss out on our delectable soft and fluffy parottas and flavour-rich gravies. It is a combination that ensures to delight your senses. Get ready to be flattered by our Veg Kotthu Parotta and Chilli Parotta which take you on a flavour-packed journey.

Let’s talk about our super- saucy and spicy gravy varieties. Whether it is our Mushroom Gravy, Gobi Masala, or Mushroom Pepper Masala these gravies are bound to make a good combination to our hot and crispy Parottas. To mention more about our Gobi Masala, it is an aromatic vegetarian dish with tender cauliflower pieces immersed in flavorful tomato-based gravy. And it goes well with Rice, Roti and Parotta.

Still, want to taste something more authentic but vegetarian?

Enjoy our Idly and Paya for a flavorful experience.

Adhe Taste Aana Veg!! You don’t have to curb your cravings for non-vegetarian dishes this Purattasi. Junior Kuppanna’s Purattasi Special Menu is proof that you don’t need meat to relish the authentic flavors of South Indian cuisine. Come over to experience the magic of savouring veg delights which are as awesome as non-vegetarian dishes.