Sunday'na Kuppanna

Fun, Feast, Family - Kuppanna Sundays !

Sunday is a day we all love to spend with our family, over a feast and have fun.

Sundays are now becoming “Sundayna Kuppanna” with a festive vibe and a lot of fun across all our JK outlets.

To start with all our restaurants welcome guests the traditional South Indian style with a Ma Kolam (Rangoli). There is a traditional belief that a Kolam shows warmth and says Vanakkam to the guests who come home.

The restaurant is then adored with Thoranum signifying festivity and celebration. We have a waiting area temporarily made for the queue of customers for seating.

Our friendly staff keep the kids occupied with Balloons and Cotton candy as gifts.

There are selfie frames for families to capture some fun clicks with their loved ones to create happy memories.

All this is done to ensure our customers take back beautiful experiences of good food, great taste and have a great time with their friends and family.

As the cliche goes - A lunch at Kuppanna is approximately RS 500 per person, but great time spent with family over delicious food - is priceless!

If you are in Chennai do visit Junior Kuppanna on a Sunday to check out the joyous vibe.