Monsoon Starter Non veg Delicacy from Junior Kuppanna

Out in the rain and looking for a snack?

Picture yourself strolling through the rain, the wetness tickling your toes, and the raindrops lingering on your skin. The cold water makes you want a hot coffee and some nibbles as soon as you open your mouth to taste the sweet rain.

The monsoon treat from Junior Kuppanna will not only be a feast for your eyes but also your taste buds, if you enjoy eating in the rain. Whatever craving you may have during the monsoon season, whether it be tangy or crispy, hot or cold, we have you covered! Junior Kuppanna's gift for making your monsoon season delicate.

Junior Kuppanna makes extra-ordinary and super-delicious non-vegetarian starters and dishes with an excellent kongu style. This includes peri peri chicken, chicken 65, pallipalayam chicken, chicken chukka, 25 varieties of parotta with delectable gravies, and especially biriyani in Kongu style, which will leave you satisfied.

You will adore this spicy, crunchy appetizer or snack made with fried chicken. Chicken 65 is the ideal dish to make a rainy day extraordinary because it is crunchy and flavorful. The tender and soft inside and the crunchy and juicy texture of this chicken 65 would make anyone's lips smack.

A delectable South Indian delicacy with no oil called pallipalayam chicken is created in the Kongu manner with chicken, a hot masala, bell peppers, and no oil. Hence, you can have it guilt-free. When you try this amazing gravy on parotta, your mouth starts to water. The kongu flavor entices you to try the masalas that have been added as a wonderful way to enjoy the monsoon.

Peri-peri chicken will be a crazy temptation that will be exceptionally sensitive to your taste buds, as it will be the ideal complement to make your rainy day special. The masalas and spices added to this peri-peri chicken, along with the Kongu-style preparation, give it a heavenly taste to enjoy this monsoon.

Whether it's a steaming plate of parotta with a dash of chicken gravy or the soul-warming chicken 65, this monsoon special from Junior Kuppanna in South India will warm your stomach and your heart. The gloomy weather makes you crave hot and fried meals. If you want an early snack while watching the rain fall through the windowpane, try Junior Kuppanna's most popular starters and gravies. After the palate, your mind and taste buds will crave another taste of Kongu cuisine after enjoying Junior Kuppanna's monsoon dishes. It's so close to being a little ball of happiness!

That’s it! Why wait,then?

Start your vehicle and head to the Junior Kuppanna outlet to enjoy these vegetarian delicacies that will make your monsoon the best ever.

These delicacies are available in all of their outlets, and delivery options are also available on Swiggy and Zomato.

Dine in for the best varieties at a Junior Kuppanna Outlet near you and enjoy them fast before the monsoon ends. As we all know, the best season never comes twice in a year.

So make your taste buds dance soon!