Junior Kuppanna Is Now Open in Colombo, Srilanka

Srilanka’s new culinary sensation has arrived!!

Srilanka is our first Global Flagship Restaurant

Calling all Colombo Foodies!! Get ready to embark on a delightful culinary adventure like never before!! Come over and indulge in the exquisite Kongu Cuisine,  a symphony of truly South Indian flavours at namma Junior Kuppanna. As we all know, food is not just a means to satiate our hunger. It’s also a way to revisit our roots, relive our memories and rejoice in our culture. Thus Junior Kuppanna has now brought South India’s most celebrated Kongu Cuisine to  the shores of the enchanting island of Srilanka.

Alongside Junior Kuppanna, now you can sail to the heart of South India. It is fair to say Junior Kuppanna is on a mission of bridging the cultural gaps through a shared love of food.

Junior Kuppanna, one of South India’s renowned non-vegetarian restaurant chains carries 60+ years of legacy in serving authentic kongu delicacies. With a strong foothold of 25+ cities in south India,  Junior Kuppanna has developed a solid customer base who keep coming back for more. The magnanimous trust and loyalty garnered over the years inspired Junior Kuppanna to explore and establish our outlets in new destinations.  

Good Food Knows No Geographic Boundaries

Junior Kuppana First Global Flagship Store Srilanka

Junior Kuppanna takes immense pride in the fact that the establishment of our outlet in Colombo, Srilanka is our first Global Flagship Restaurant. Keeping up the practice of cooking age-old authentic kongu recipes, which have been passed down from generation to generation, Junior Kuppanna will let you experience the warmth of home and the richness of South India’s food heritage.  

Junior Kuppanna officially launched its first flagship international store in Bambalapitiya, Colombo on the 25th of May,2023. Thanks to its international expansion, Junior Kuppanna is not just any typical restaurant but a premium culinary haven steeped in South Indian traditions and flavours. Experience the vibes of the South in our thoughtfully designed restaurant.

At Junior Kuppanna, we focus just not on tantalizing your taste buds but also on transporting you to your grandma’s kitchen. With a strong brand heritage, Junior Kuppanna has developed a proprietary masala recipe, so that cuisine’s authenticity will not be compromised.

Our chefs would make sure that each bite will evoke the sweet memories of aroma, flavour and texture that you savoured in your childhood. The infusion of unique proprietary masalas is certain to give you an exclusive culinary experience that no other restaurant can match.

Nourishing your soul, just like your grandma’s recipes did.

Junior Kuppanna Srilanka Menu

Indulging in authentic kongu delicacies is a wonderful opportunity to explore flavorful food with a hint of traditional vibe which may take you back to your nanny’s home.  We are certain that food enthusiasts will find our exquisite menu to be appetizing and the varieties are typically made to be crispy, juicy, tender and spicy. Our meticulously crafted menu features 

  • Lip-smacking kongu Mutton biryani
  • Tenderly cooked Nalli chops
  • Hot-piping Curry dosa
  • Delectable Picchu pota Naattu kozhi parotta

and the list goes on with 20+ signature dishes.

So the next time when you crave for an authentic south Indian cuisine, remember Junior Kuppanna is your ideal  food destination. Come over to find yourself immersed in a tantalizing culinary adventure@junior Kuppanna, Colombo. Follow us on social media to know the latest updates and to drool over our mouth-watering food photography.