Origin of Junior Kuppanna

By 1977, Late Mr. Kuppusamy moved to his own building and continued his eatery. There was no name when Late Mr. Kuppusamy and Late Ms. Rukmani Amma commenced the small eatery. However, regular customers who experienced the small eatery would suggest “Kuppusamy Anna Hotelukku Pogalama?” which means “Shall we go to Kuppusamy Anna’s / Kuppu Anna’s restaurant? Upon frequently hearing the customers the word ‘KUPPANNA’ came about to be coined. 

We are most sought-after non-vegetarian restaurants in the entire State catering authentic, delicious, quality Kongu Regional Cuisine Food especially non-vegetarian foods. We also offer South Indian cuisine, Chettinad cuisine, Seafood and Biriyani that people from all over the country. We are a family restaurant with an elaborate menu coupled with customizable food in niche cuisine. 

Just like how our close ones call us, we are identified by several names which includes HOTEL JUNIOR KUPPANNA, JUNIOR KUPPANNA 1960, JUNIOR KUPPANNA MASALA, HOTEL JUNIOR KUPPANNA 1960, KUPPANNA, HOTEL KUPPANNA, JUNIOR KUPPANNA, KUPPANNA FOODS. Known for our quality, fresh, affordable food of supreme taste to our wide-ranging customers, we take pride in the most sought-after non-vegetarian restaurants in the entire State. We sincerely each and every one of you to have provided the opportunity to cater through 40+ branches across the globe over the last six decades.