Dive into Dinner deals of JK's Paaya-Jaalam and Awesome Shakes!

Making your dinner Fantastic - Flavourful - Fabulous, welcome to 'Paaya Jaalam' , enjoy the best veg Paya combos just for Rs. 49/- with Idlis/Idiyappams/Aapams paired with our super delicious veg paaya and Awesome Milkshakes at just Rs.90

Welcome to a magical journey like no other! Junior Kuppanna is thrilled to introduce an exciting dinner deal that promises to transport your taste buds to the enchanting realm of "Paaya Jaalam" – the world of Paaya Magic. What makes this offer even more delightful is that it's entirely vegetarian, ensuring that everyone can savour the magic.
Priced at an irresistible Rs. 49/-, this dinner deal is available for a limited-time at all our Chennai outlets every day from 7 pm onwards.

Along with this say hello to "Awesome Shakes" an enticing dinner deal that brings four delectable flavours – Milo, Biscoff, Nutella, and Oreo milkshakes – to the forefront of your dining experience. Pocket friendly price at just Rs. 90/- each, these luscious milkshakes are set to steal your hearts after a delicious meal being available every day from 7 pm onwards, ensuring a sweet symphony for your senses.

A perfect blend of Milo, that rich chocolatey goodness, swirled into a creamy milkshake that takes you on a nostalgic journey.

if you are a Biscoff lover, allure its caramelized cookie charm adding a delightful crunch to every sip. Nutella lovers, rejoice! The hazelnut-infused Nutella shake is a velvety dream that satisfies the sweetest cravings.

And for those who can't resist the classic combination of chocolate and cookies, the Oreo milkshake is a symphony of flavours that dance on your palate.





Fantastic Idli Paaya

Flavourful Idiyaapam Paaya

Fabulous Aapam Paaya

Let's explore the three delectable combos.

Imagine soft idlis drenched in a rich and flavourful paaya gravy. The merge of textures and tastes is nothing short of magical. The mildness of the idlis complements the paaya gravy, creating a symphony for your palate. Priced at just Rs. 49/-, this combo is a steal for idli lovers.

For those who crave variety in their meals, the Flavourful Idiyaapam Paaya combo is a must-try. Idiyaapam, also known as string hoppers, is delicately woven into a bed that soaks up the aromatic paaya gravy. The result is a fusion of textures and flavours that will leave you craving for more.

Priced at an affordable Rs. 49/-, making it an ideal choice for food enthusiasts looking to explore new tastes.

Aapam, with its lacy edges and soft centre, provides the perfect canvas for the rich paaya gravy. The combination is not just a feast for the taste buds but also a visual delight. Priced at a pocket-friendly Rs. 49/-, this combo caters to those who appreciate the artistry of food as much as its taste.

But hurry, for this limited-time offer is an experience you won't want to miss!