• Mutton Briyani

    Soft and tender pieces of mutton cooked in rich spices and steeped in 550 gms of seeraga samba rice and cooked to perfection! From Kongu Nadu with love.

  • Chicken Biriyani

    Succulent bone-in chicken pieces in rich spices and steeped in seeraga samba rice of 550 gms and cooked to perfection! From Kongu Nadu with love.

  • Mushroom Biriyani

    With the goodness of Seeraga samba rice cooked to perfection with rich spices made in house and generous amount of mushrooms. This biryani is a delight.

  • Mutton Nalli Fry

    Mutton nalli roasted with a corinader base and fried to perfection using our in house masalas, curry leaves, chillies and pepper. Paired best with biryani, parotta and steamed white rice.

  • Mutton Liver Fry

    Goat liver cooked well on our tawa with a blend of our in house spices, coriander, chillies and pepper. Paired well with steamed white rice. Serves 1-2 people

  • Mutton Chukka Dry

    There is nothing dry about our cukka! Tenderized boneless mutton and spiced to perfecton, pan sauteed with flavours infused in

  • Mutton Pepper Fry

    Mutton pieces roasted and fried with our in house spices and pepper to give your taste buds the spicy flavour. Pair it with parotta and enjoy. Serves 1-2 people.

  • Mutton Kaima

    Nicely minced mutton dry perfect choice for your starter or side. Paired deliciously with parotta

  • Mutton Brain Fry

    Succulent and juicy brain fry roasted in aromatic kongu nadu spice. Melt in your mouth as a starter or main. Pair it with our parotta or biryani. Serves 1-2 people.

  • Pallipalayam Chicken

    Juicy pieces of spiced chicken stir fried with red chillies and hint of coconut for the perfect balance.

  • Chicken Chukka Dry

    A classic chukka – JK style. Juicy spiced chicken, pan sauted with flavours infused in

  • Chicken 65 Boneless

    Chicken cubes perfectly marinated in spices, deep – fried till perfection, 65 style.

  • Chicken Lollipop

    Juicy chicken winglet pieces coated in spicy batter fried to a crispy golden outer texture for that crunch.

  • Chicken Pepper Fry

    A chicken fry added with pepper – making your life good. A favourite of every spicy chicken lover. A bit of pepper and lots of flavour.

  • Naadu Chicken Chukka

    A classic chukka – JK style. Tender spiced country chicken pan sauted with flavours infused in. Paired perfectly with biryani or parotta. Serves 1-2 people.

  • Naatu Kozhi Pepper Fry

    Chunks of country chicken marinated and fried until crispy and crunchy. Perfect as a starter or a side dish. Pair it with biryani and enjoy. Serves 1-2 people.

  • Aatukaal Paya

    Slowly cooked and loaded with the right amount of spices and served hot with tender pieces of goat leg. Pairs fabulous with our parotta and serves 1-2 people.

  • Mutton Gravy

    Classic southern style mutton curry paired the best with biryani, parotta and roti.